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Back ‘n Forth: Tiny’s Purchased Peepers


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted on 10-28-2014

All of Blackdom knows by now that Tiny Harris purchased some new eyes recently; because apparently that’s the new-new thing to do when you have a lot of cash and limited goals. I really don’t want to go all think-piece on you, but we’re obligated here to report this type of foolery and other crimes against humanity, our eyes and White Jesus.

So I figured I would throw it out to Witch E for some back ‘n forth.

And, leggo:

Fleur: Why did she start there though?

Elphie: Man self-hatred is confusing. I’d fix that top Elvis lip first…then my voice. I mean there are so many things to go with. Bless her heart.

Fleur: When she dreams, I wonder are her eyes back brown or ice blue?



Okay, enough of the back and forth, I have some questions:

1) Is this shyt reversible? Because one day I feel she will not want to “wake up like dis”.

2) Couldn’t she have low-crawled her way here? I mean like maybe a more realistic hazel contacts first just to test? Why when she looked at the option chart in the waiting room, did she go straight to the color named “Struggle Storm”?


What do you think Brewchies?



Brew Bits: Teddy Pendergrass’ Passenger Speaks


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted on 10-23-2014


I’m dating myself but late singer Teddy Pendergrass was everything to my mom and her friends growing up. I mean mom even had some Teddy Pendergrass jeans! That’s how hot he was. Oh, for you youngins picture Tre Songz in all his shirtless singing whiny glory x 2! In case you don’t know Teddy’s story; at his peak he crashed his Rolls Royce into a tree in Philadelphia and was paralyzed. The identity of his passenger was always somewhat of a mystery, but word on the curb was that she was transgendered prostitute. Needless to say, it was a wrap for all things Teddy after that and I have no idea what happened to my mom’s jeans. Well, Mother Oprah will dig up some stuff won’t she? She’s like TMZ without the underlying racism because she found Tenika Wilson who is now sharing her story about that fateful night on “Where Are They Now?”

Peep it:

The Truth About Teddy Pendergrass’ Horrific Car Accident

Whoa, that’s deep!


Brew Tube: The Shadiest Moments from Aretha Franklin’s Promotional Tour


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted on 10-22-2014


Aretha Franklin is on her promotional tour grind to move these kits. The Queen of Soul has that new album out where she covers the hits of other musical divas. So…she’s been up early, doing satellite interviews to spread the word. Some YouTube genius put together all the best clips of her shadiest interview moments and news anchors fawning and bumbling over the Queen. Get into this…

Image via RCA
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Brew Bits: Blood (literally), Sweat & Heels Brawl


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted on 10-22-2014


If you’re a Bravo-ite, Bravotarian, Bravoian? like me, then you’re familiar with Blood, Sweat & Heels, the classed-up version of Bravo’s reality offerings that was supposed to show a group of 30-something black women making their way up the professional ladder in NYC. Wellll, if you watched, then you know the show got off to a rocky start, with yelling, public drunkenness, table dances and whatnot. The cast attempted to pull it together at the end of the season but it was clear the show was like 3 seconds from tap dancing on the line to ratchet at any given moment. Fast forward to last night, some of the cast members were filming on board a boat in New York when video mottel turned wannabe real estate agent Melyssa Ford and writer Geneva Thomas got into it on said boat. The night ended with Thomas popping a bottle (literally) on Ford’s head, causing her to need several staples and leaving her with a bloodied foot. Thomas was arrested on assault charges. Bravo’s cameras caught it all (naturally), and so did some stunned Instagrammers.

melyssa ford fight club #melyssaFordFightClub #melyssaFord #DodgingEbola #Ebola #Megabus #Megabust #fightClub

A video posted by Future Help (@futurehelp) on

↑↑↑ #Ebola though?

#bloodsweatandheels #Brawl #BravoTv #yachtlife #smh #MelissaFord

A video posted by Raye 6 (@raye6) on

It’s not Thomas’ first brush with the law. She was recently arrested for skipping out on an $18 cab fare. Meanwhile, former cast member Demetria Lucas used the show to expand her brand and is currently on an international tour promoting book #2 while Wesley Snipes and the video vixen are fighting on a boat……sips tea.

Will you be checking for season two of this show or have you tapped out?

Images via Andrew Toth/ Getty Images Entertainment
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Brew Tube: Phaedra breaks her silence

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Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted on 10-15-2014

phaedra-parks-1-1024Photo: People

Phaedra Parks pulled out her “we got company” accent to spill all the tea to Ellen about her failed marriage to Apollo Asunder.  After reminding Ellen that she has FIVE degrees, Phaedra said she did not know Apollo was ridin’ dirty during their marriage. How-and-ever,  Ms. Ellen hit her with the “buttah wasn’t he on parole when you met him?” DOUBLE BLOOP! #FIXITJESUS

Watch a clip: