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Exotic Treat of The Week: Jason Momoa


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Exotic Treat of the Week, OMG he gave me a woody | Posted on 30-04-2009

Actor, Model and father to Lisa Bonet’s 2 youngest children…but don’t let that stop your woody… I’ll just shut up.. read about him here, if you insist.


Ask A Dude: The ReMix


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Let's Discuss, Triffling Ass People | Posted on 30-04-2009

My ‘favorite’ Ask a Dude has a question of his own to ask. Lord Help us.

DUDE: Do me a favor.. take a survey of your male friends for me? Hell, u might want it for your blog. I’ve asked some guys I know… and most are balking at the question.. and only 1 answered but I don’t think he is realistic. Anyway..the question is…

BIANCA: “Do any of you handsome fellas wanna make love to a brother named DUDE?” (notice how he ignores me…)

DUDE: If you are involved with a married or seriously involved women. and she gets pregnant, and it’s probably yours–but she can and prefers to pass it off as her husband’s. Will you fukk up their relationship by wanting your child…or will u let sleeping dogs lie and let her live her life?

BIANCA: is that what you asked them? lmao dude that question is nuts, It’s a human being. How is it a sleeping dog?!

DUDE: No..the sleeping dog is the woman’s perfectly fine family, with husband that loves her…and doesn’t know she cheated— she is pregnant with the outside man’s child but will pass it off to her husband as his own.

BIANCA: I get that, but if you have a baby… that you know about and don’t claim it, are you a MAN? And if she gave a fuck about her “happy” marriage you wouldn’t be up in her RAW, would you?

DUDE: OK.. so can u ask your male friends without trying to be biased and guide their opinions please..b/c u already took a position and I don’t think u can ask impartially now.

BIANCA: Trust me, I can totally do that… (man get your own blog if you want unbiased!)

DUDE: BTW..this isn’t me! LOL I need to throw out that disclaimer
cause u know if it was..I would tell you. (SADLY, I BELIEVE HE WOULD)

Enjoy my boy who is NOT the father, a classic:


Bump and Grind Me in that Ferrari……. Oh Yeah!!


Posted by Piper from the Brew | Posted in bump and grind, car hoe | Posted on 29-04-2009

Okay I’m usually not a car hoe but if I knew a dude that owned this here ‘Red Ferrari Bubble Convertible’ joint, I’d do all kinds of nastiness to him at a moment’s notice just for a ride to the corner bodega. WHOO WHEEE!!!! It’s bizarre and odd looking and creepy and beautiful all at the same time.

Trust, I would have an extremely hard time keeping my pannies on in that bad boy, matter fact…. scratch the pannies altogether!!


Get Fingered By Fekkai


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Beauty, Free Stuff, hair | Posted on 29-04-2009

If you’re looking for a springy look AND you’ll be in NYC tomorrow, hop on over to the 5th Ave Sephora (between 48th and 49th) and let Frédéric Fekkai touch your locks. I know, you’d rather he touch your lady lumps…patience, my friend, patience.

The acclaimed stylist will be there from 11 am – 2 pm to give consultations to the hair-curious. Of course, he’ll also be pimping his at-home line Salon Color (no one does anything for free).

Get in line early. The great Frédéric is not taking appointments.


Swine Safety


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Health, Swine Flu | Posted on 29-04-2009

Allow the Brew to get serious for a minute. This swine flu is no joke (as we’re told by CNN 24 hours a day). It’s time to do the common sense things your Grandma told you: wash your nasty hands, don’t eat/drink after folks, don’t go to work/school if you’re sick and -above all- quit kissing random people all willy-nilly.

Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is out with its travel advisory on the swine (or “H1N1″) flu. The CDC recommends avoiding all non-essential travel to Mexico. In other words, the hedonistic trip you planned to Cancun can wait. Adjust your plans accordingly.

If you must travel, pack a mask. You know, like the one your manicurist wears down at the nail shop on 3rd. Ask her for one.

And lastly, wipe it down! Load up on the Purell, baby wipes (ask Terrence Howard for some) and anything alcohol-based that can kill germs on surfaces. No, that doesn’t mean pack your Hennessy to wipe down the tray table. Have some manners!

Be safe out there…this flu is spread through contact! By all means, keep eating your bacon. Life’s joy should not be stopped because a few people got the sniffles.