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Online Cheaters


From the mind of Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Your Cheatin' Heart | Posted on 10-14-2009

Marriage counselors say you folks aren’t only on these innerwebs to read this blog!  Some of yous is cheatin’!

Experts say the internet has removed boundaries, allowing relationships to flourish in ways they never have before. The affairs start off slow then develop over time, just like an old-fashioned courtship. And what’s to blame for all this (aside from wicked wandering eyes)? The boom in social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Social networking sites let users reconnect with old flames and long lost crushes. Many spouses would flip out if they knew their partners where IM’ing and chatting up with old lovers. But, they don’t know because it’s happening online.

Nearly half of Americans use social networking technology.

So, would you flip out of you found out your significant other was communicating with his/her old flame online? Do you set boundaries against those old connections? Is reaching out to an ex harmless or cheating? What’s your call?


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Comments (1)

1st off, i would be secure enough with myself to not be bothered if my spouse decided to talk to an ex online. who am i to tell another grown person who they can and cannot talk to? reaching out to an ex is just talking to someone they are familiar with. if a person spends energy trying to monitor who their mate has conversations with, that person doesn't need to be in that relationship. there is no trust. you cannot have a true relationship without trust.