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Tracy Morgan Is A Freak!


From the mind of Piper from the Brew | Posted in playboy, tracy morgan | Posted on 10-22-2009

Comedian Tracy Morgan told all his business in an interview in next month’s Playboy.  Morgan answers 20 questions, ranging from his time at Saturday Night Live to his fist sexual experience to how he likes to (ahem) toss the salad.

On SNL’s Lorne Michaels:

He’s been like a dad to me. I remember when I was on Saturday Night Live my first year and I wasn’t getting much. I was down; I was ready to quit. It was three o’clock in the morning, man, I’ll never forget. Makes me want to cry sometimes when I think about it. I love that man. I love that man. [long pause; starts to cry] I’m sorry, man. Excuse me. [another long pause] Son of a bitch… m*therf*cker’s good. I remember one time Lorne took me to his office, and he said, “Tracy, you are here not because you’re black. You’re here because you’re f*cking funny, man.” [bursts into tears again; wipes face with shirt] Changed my whole perspective. I wasn’t so guarded anymore. 

On his favorite activity…getting women pregnant:

I’ve got my third-degree black belt and I’ve gotten several women pregnant, so I’ve moved on to other things. These days I’m into bike riding and breaking water. I like breaking women’s water. If you’re pregnant and you need your water broken, you need your labor induced, give me a call and I’ll ride my bike over and take care of it.

Taste The Brew for his NSFW view on booty love.

On his passion for anal sex:

I like f*cking ass! Ain’t nothin’ like the butthole. The ass is a delicacy, g*ddamn it. I’d put hot sauce on it. When you eat the brown hole, that’s when her toes do this. [sticks legs out and curls toes] You got to be willing to do anything to please your woman, to satisfy her. 

Wow.  Read the rest of the interview here

Morgan also has a new book out, “I Am The New Black.”

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