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What’s Brewing?


From the mind of Witch Hazel | Posted in bling, brew bits, brewshyt, facebook, hoodrat stuff, Jay Z, Jumpoff, kate hudson, kendra, nicki minaj, Tiger Woods, What's Brewing | Posted on 04-19-2010

Some afternoon linkage for your reading pleasure… don’t read and drive though. That’s messy…

Soooooo, the iced out Newport chain was a bad idea, huh? – Hip Hop Wired

Jay-Z live @ Coachella [VIDEO] – 2dopeboyz

Kendra Wilkinson drops it low for Too $hort…Hank must be pleased – Rap Radar

Facebook scraps “fans,” opts for “like” button – Huffington Post

Nicki Minaj feels guilty about her lyrics – Miss Info

Kate Hudson has new boobs? – US Magazine

Did you know?: Doing hoodrat-shyt causes earthquakes? – The Frisky

Well, prepare for an aftershock then, cuz Tiger’s jumpoffs are getting a reality show – The Grio

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Comments (3)

Dudes got ( @ )( @ ), maybe he should be posing in Players magazine?!?

or BlackTail..

I'ma give Noreaga my shake weight… that's just a shame to look at.