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Brewshyt Pops Off At “Basketball Wives” Reunion Taping


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Basketball wives, brewshyt, vh1 | Posted on 31-05-2010

These chicks love dumping drinks on each other…

Word is the police were called during the taping of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” reunion show yesterday in LA.

RadarOnline reports Suzie Ketcham (the ex of NBA player Michael Olowokandi) was arrested after a confrontation with “surprise” guest, Sandra (you’ll recall her as the bottle blonde “groupie” who was on the receiving end of a drink dumping during the show).

The source says “Suzie got really p—– off and just got up and left, but not soon after, she came back with a huge bucket of water and threw it at Sandra. Sandra tried to run away, but in the process, she slipped in the water and fell.”

Paramedics treated Sandra in front of the studio audience. The source says “as she was being taken off set, the first words out of her mouth were, “Call my lawyer”.”

“Production staff locked the whole audience and crew in the studio for at least 45 minutes — and no one was allowed to leave,” described the source.

Suzie was taken into police custody for questioning. Sandra reportedly wants charges filed against Suzie.

The reunion special airs Sunday, June 20 at 10 pm (ET).

These broads are a hot mess!



Breaking Brew: Former Temptation Ali Woodson Dead


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Ali Woodson, breaking brew, rip | Posted on 31-05-2010

The former lead singer of the Temptations, Ali “Ollie” Woodson, has died. Woodson died Sunday of leukemia in California. He was 58.

Woodson was the lead vocal for the Temps for most of the 80s and 90s. Many will know his voice on the classic 1984 hit, “Treat Her Like a Lady,” which he wrote.

RIP Ollie.



Brew PSA: Seriously… Pull your pants up, Paco!


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 30-05-2010


Gen. Larry Platt done told you, you look like a fool. But perhaps this here fella is enough to keep your boys’ belt game proper.   I mean even if you are ghey…who’d want to meet up with this dude and his shaky dental game?

 A classic.

 The Booty Warrior!




Brewshyt Case #23443: The Kat Stacks beatdown…


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 30-05-2010

Nothing like a side of smack down to go with your potato salad and chicken this Memorial Day weekend and that’s just what some studio gangsters served Kat Stacks at a club in Atlanta. Check the video of attack. They can be heard repping rappers Bow Wow and Fabulous like a mascot…

She later tweeted about the incident. All jokes aside, @Ihatekatstacks might spew lies, bad grammar and other foolishness out of her mouth but dudes beating her up over other dudes? Really? That’s just some Brewshyt right there!


Twittervention: Lindsay Lohan


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Lindsay Lohan, Twitter, Twittervention | Posted on 30-05-2010

New rule: if you catch a case, they should cancel your Twitter.

Lindsay Lohan has to wear a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet as part of her most recent visit to court. Rather than just shut up and wear the thing, she wants to rock it! She tweeted this to her followers Friday.

can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!? xless than a minute ago via web

The sad thing is… she’s probably SO serious.