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Willow Smith Has A Stylist And You Don’t


From the mind of Witch Hazel | Posted in brew fashion, What's your call?, willow smith | Posted on 07-26-2010

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s 9 year old daughter Willow has a stylist. And guess what? You don’t! Willow’s is working with the team behind Rihanna’s style makeover.

Fashion stylist Mariel Haenn says “Willow is definitely inspired by Rihanna’s style. We make an effort to give Willow her own style, so as not to be a mini-version of Rihanna, but Willow really knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like, and she’s vocal about it. Jada said upfront that she didn’t want us to dress them like standard kids, like with Sesame Street T-shirts. And the kids really like dressing as adults and hope that adults will want to dress like them. But Jada will put her foot down if there’s something she doesn’t like, though if the kids really love it, she’ll usually let it pass.”

Haenn also says “the ultimate goal” is for young Willow and Jaden to have their own clothing line.

I think little Willow is just the cutest thing and I love her style experimentation… sometimes!  Overall though, I like Willow’s style… on Rihanna! Something about her grown up look just makes me wonder what she’ll look like when she’s really a grown up. What rules will be left to break then?  It’s just like what does a kid have to look forward to once they’ve had a super sweet 16 blowout and the get Maybach to boot? How do you top that as a parent? Should you even try? At some point, kids need to be kids. And what’s wrong with a Sesame Street shirt anyway?

What’s your call?

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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