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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Will You Watch?: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Real Housewives, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, will you watch | Posted on 31-08-2010

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Bravo is at it again!  The TV network that’s single-handedly killing brain cells across America has a new installment of its Housewives franchise: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Bravo announced the cast today, which includes Camille Grammer (the estranged wife of Frasier star Kelsey Grammer), Adrienne Maloof (part of the family that owns the Palms Casino and the Sacramento Kings), Kim & Kyle Richards (former child stars and aunts of Paris Hilton…who, BTW reportedly has a penchant for hiding the yayo in her vagina these days), Lisa Vanderpump (a British restauranteur) and Taylor Armstrong (wife of a venture capitalist)…hey, it takes all kinds to round out the show, apparently (Latinas, Asians, etc… need not apply?).

Catch a clip when you Taste The Brew >>>


Obama’s The “Cotton Picking President”


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Barack Obama, CNN, Oops | Posted on 31-08-2010

A big “oops” moment for CNN’s Rick Sanchez yesterday.  During his off-the-cuff, seemingly unscripted show “Rick’s List,” Sanchez referred to President Barack Obama as “the cotton picking President of the United States.” Some context though: he said it in support of the Prez and his faith but it came out all wrong.

Taste The Brew for the clip


Twittervention: Dear Kat Stacks, La La Ain’t The One


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Carmelo Anthony, kat stacks, La La Vazquez, Twitter, Twitter is the debbil, Twittervention | Posted on 31-08-2010

Note to Kat Stacks: Don’t mess with La La or her hubby!

Grimy jumpoff Kat Stacks sent a tweet to NBA baller and newly married Carmelo Anthony asking him if “he tasted like Carmel” (spelling error aside…that’s foul). His wife La La piped in, telling Stacks “I ain’t the one. I’m only going to tell you one time.”


Then, Carmelo offered $5K to anyone who would slap Stacks (are threats allowed in the NBA? I swear…these innaweb thugs).

Taste The Brew to read their tweets


Brew Tube: “Dancing” With The “Stars” Cast Announced.


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in dancing with the stars | Posted on 31-08-2010


Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, from MTV’s Jersey Shore (Isn’t that a sign of the Apocolypse? A dancing horse-faced man?), 

David Hasselhoff (Keeps a job Kudos!)

Rick Fox, retired pro basketball player from the Los Angeles Lakers. (Eh, Foxy lost me, cheating on my ‘Nessa).

Bristol Palin, daughter of ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin. (SERIOUSLY?? I swear for goodness I hope 17 year old KeKe in the hood who just got knocked up by her boyfriend Ty-Fu “Dat’s jus this rap name, Momma!” does not think this shit is a shot to fame, because of this heffer!)

Kurt Warner, (alleged…retired NFL quarterback)

Florence Henderson (token oldie)

 Audrina Patridge (deer meet headlights. dim meet bulb.)

Michael Bolton (and his hairline)

 Brandy Norwood (and her laceline)

Margaret Cho, comedienne and current co-star of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. Who said:  “I’m so out of my element. Everybody is so classy,” she told EW. “If this was Dancing with the Whores, I would do better. But it’s not, so we’ll see.”  (AND I’M SOO ROOTING FOR THIS ONE!)

Kyle Massey, best known for starring in Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven (If you say so)

Jennifer Grey– (Wonder how long it will take for someone to say something about ”Baby in a corner”…)

Will you watch?


Real Housewives Ruins Another Marriage?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Real Housewives, Real Housewives of DC | Posted on 31-08-2010

Anybody watching The Real Housewives of DC? (Just me? Huh? Mmkay.)

Anyway, the one pegged as the ‘mean girl’ of the cast, British chick Catherine “Cat” Ommanney, says her life is in shambles since the end of the show. Her dashing political photographer husband, Charles, left her and her book deal went up in smoke. Cat says she’s “three stone lighter” (yo, isn’t that like 42 pounds? whoa…) and that she’s lost all of her family since the show. Cat and Charles had a whirlwind romance that caused her to pack up her 2 daughters (from a previous marriage), leave the UK and come to the states to marry Charles. The new family settled in Chevy Chase, MD and ultimately wound up on the reality show despite most of DC’s “elite” not knowing who she was.

Charles is a Newsweek White House photographer and Cat claims his boss encouraged them to do the show in the first place because it could help Charles’ career and the struggling magazine. Cat says everything wasn’t so hunky dory in their marriage before the show (but, what marriage is perfect?). But, they did the show anyway. Charles objected to the “swanning around” they had to do for the dog and pony show. But, he still appeared and did his part in the swanning… then, he left Cat. He told the New York Times that having to do the show and continue to be a serious photographer was “embarassing.”

Cat says she has not seen or spoken to Charles since he bounced and any hopes of getting back together are gone. Cat also says she wants no parts of a 2nd season of The Real Housewives of DC. Her book deal (which she talks about endlessly on the show) has also been put on freeze because how can you write about your fabulous life when it’s not so fab anymore? Damn. When will people learn: reality TV kills relationships.

Read the rest at The Daily Beast.

Image via Bravo
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