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Brew Poll: Which Wedding Would You Crash?


From the mind of Witch Hazel | Posted in alicia keys, brew poll, Chelsea Clinton, swizz beatz, T.I., Tiny, wedding bliss | Posted on 08-02-2010

The weekend of weddings got me to thinkin’: which one would I have wanted to snag an invitation to, or at least crash?

First up, the Tiny & T.I. wedding

I’m thinking there was some premium chicken at this wedding. My inner fat girl is kinda salivating at the soul food she’s imagining on the menu. Hell… I’M salivating at the thought of peach cobbler. If you crash this one, at the very least, you would have eaten well and danced a mean “Cha Cha Slide.” I’d crash just to see how low Tip could go.

Then, there’s the Chelsea & Mark wedding

This one was rumored to cost upwards of $3 million, including $15,000 porta-potties. Since this was a presidential affair and Bill Clinton doesn’t do anything small, I’m willing to bet there was some top-shelf liquor at this one. I’d crash to get drunk and eat the fancy finger sandwich hors d’oeuvres.

And, lastly, the Alicia & Swizzy wedding

Now, this one comes with a fancy French chateau and beautiful scenery. It’s also the wedding most likely to have had a Dwayne Wayne “baby please, PLEASE” moment to interrupt the ceremony (#justsayin… Swizzy comes with a lot of drama). But, on the bright side, since Alicia can’t drink, the wedding cake was probably real good (you know how pregnant women are about their treats).

So, take our poll and tell us which wedding you would have wanted to attend.

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Tiny & T.I. photo via Twitter
Chelsea & Mark photo via Gawker
Alicia & Swizz Beatz photo via Us Magazine

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