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Brew Quotes: Gucci Mane’s Tattoo Artist


From the mind of Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Quotes, Gucci Mane, tattoos | Posted on 01-14-2011

So, after putting a jailhouse special on Gucci Mane’s face, tattoo artist Shane Willoughby tells Vibe he’s probably chucking the deuces on doing facial tattoos.

“I was [hesitant] like ‘Are you sure you want to put that much [ink] in that area? He came straight to the counter and that’s where he pointed. I won’t tattoo anybody if their [drunk] or high because I can’t stand the smell of weed… [Gucci] seemed completely sober. He knew what he was doing. When [Gucci] said he wanted to do the ice cream thing I said ‘Well why don’t we do it somewhere else?’ But he was like I don’t have anywhere else. He said ‘I want something rock ‘n roll.’ There’s nothing more rock ‘n roll then lightening bolts. I don’t think I’ll ever do [that] again… no matter how successful [the celebrity].”

Willoughby says Gucci was happy with the result… in fact, he claims Gucci was “stoked. Had no regrets… was jumping up and down. That’s the way he rolls.

Someone get the mental unit on the horn…

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