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Brew Commentary: An Arse Worth Dying For?


From the mind of Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 02-10-2011

Self esteem is a POWERFUL tool.  A healthy self esteem not only effects every relationship you have with others but the one with yourself.  If you love yourself, truly love yourself there are NO outside forces that can make you feel less than a masterpiece.  Unfortunately, some people are weak. Weak enough to make an appointment with a non medical professional in a non-medical setting to have some  non-medical grade silicone, injected in their hind-parts.  Low self-esteem and bargain hunting are a toxic mix.

A New Jersey woman who once received buttock-enhancing injections was the go-between who arranged the same procedure for Claudia Seye Aderotimi, an aspiring British actress. Police are now hunting for a second woman who they say handled the needles.

Aderotimi, 20, died Monday, two days after she had been injected in a hotel room near Philadelphia International Airport. It was her second trip here to receive the shots, billed as a way to change a person’s physique without surgery.

On a British website for aspiring performers, Aderotimi called herself Carmella James, adding, “but Superstar is my middle name.” She said she had been a back-up dancer for two musical performers and appeared in a short-lived television comedy.

Aderotimi got far more publicity in death than she had in life. British newspapers have published stories about her life and death and have sent reporters to Philadelphia.

Investigators spent part of Wednesday interviewing the Saddle River, N.J., woman who they said set up the Saturday appointment through e-mails and telephone calls, and was in the hotel room while the injections were administered. She has not been charged.

A search warrant was executed on her New Jersey home Tuesday night, Philadelphia Police Lt. Ray Evers said. Various “electronic items” were removed, police said Wednesday.

The second woman, who police say they believe performed the procedure, lives in the Philadelphia area. Evers would not say whether the two women previously worked together, but he said other clients might come forward. Aderotimi’s earlier treatment was in November, Evers said.


 Sometimes a quick fix, will fix you for good!  I wouldn’t even want my ass to look like this face.

(liquid silicone gone wrong)

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