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WTF? Pic Of The Week


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Eva Marcille, eva pigford, wtf pic of the week, WTF? Files | Posted on 20-02-2011

@EvaMarcille, nah boo. Nah.

Model/actress Eva Marcille’s new look at NBA All Star weekend in LA…are you feelin’ it?

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Men We Know Case #4321: Messy Marvins


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in Brew Love N' Stuff, Brew Men, men and lies | Posted on 18-02-2011

So I’ve been introducing you to some of the men I’ve encountered throughout my quirky dating life. You already met The Magical Traveling Ninja. Next up, Messy Marvins. A Messy Marvin is just as his name implies; he’s down to hunch, only problem is he’s married-but-claims-he’s-separated-but-still-lives-at-home. And you might not even know his marital status at first . That is until you realize this dude stays taking “day trips” to the next town to do lunch or a flea market, claiming he’s an “explorer”, meanwhile, he’s just trying to get out of the “busted zone”. MM is also real extra at the club.

He’s doing the Amistad freedom dance while up in someone’s face buying drinks with his grocery money until the clock strikes 12, then he’s dashing to the door to make home to his little cul-de-sac by curfew. And although MM constantly talks about getting divorce, his wife most likely has no idea of said plans. She’s blissfully ignorant as she drags him to their Jack & Jill meetings or on couples night (Saturday) that her HBCU boo has gone rogue. MM also does a lot of reminiscing; about their frat days, hey days, hell any day when they were rolling solo and was still the man…. not some 30-something suburban slug. These types hold a Ph.D in messy and tend to be very fun but very sad at times because they see now way out. They try to hold on to part of their life that’s over. MM’s probably married their college sweetheart who played her position throughout his roaring 20s, or a wholesome chick he met a bit later but would make a good mom, like Clair Huxtable.

And although he’s achieved those precieved wants in life: box house in the suburbs, kids and clout, there is still a huge part of him that wants to go against the grain, lay down with Freaky Freida and eat egg sammiches in the morning without a care in the world. My advice? All relationship roads should lead far away from Messy Marvins.


Brew Tube: Did LA Cops Kill Biggie?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, notorious big | Posted on 17-02-2011

It’s been almost 14 years since the murder of the Notorious B.I.G. Conspiracy theorists have long pointed fingers at members of the rap community, cops or gangs for Biggie’s death, but a new CBS Los Angeles report says there’s evidence the Los Angeles Police Department may have been behind the 1997 killing.

According to AOL’s Black Voices:

The Wallace family filed suit against the LAPD in 2005, bringing forth additional evidence that implicated LAPD officers in the death of Christopher Wallace. The two officers under suspicion are David Mack and Rafael Perez.

Both Perez and Mack are in prison now for unrelated crimes, Mack for bank robbery and Perez for stealing cocaine.

The new evidence involves an alleged conversation between Perez and a cellmate in the L.A. County jail. Mack and Perez were reportedly close confidants with Death Row Records, the label that represented rap artist Tupac Shakur, who was involved in a highly publicized dispute with Biggie.

In sworn statements, the cellmate said that Mack and Perez were on the scene when Biggie was killed, with Perez working security:

“Perez told Mack that Biggie Smalls was in his truck—-circle whose truck?—-Kicking it with someone else in the truck.”

The cellmate says that Perez never said he set up the murder of Biggie Smalls, but that he strongly believes Perez had something to do with the murder. There were hundreds of pages of documents in the inmate’s sworn statements that were not utilized in the original LAPD investigation.

Former LAPD Lead Investigator Russell Poole says that the documents are crucial and that he was frustrated that his investigation in to the murder was thwarted when he got too close to the truth. Poole resigned from the LAPD in 1999.

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Black History Month: Brew Salutes Black Nerds


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in black history month | Posted on 17-02-2011

Every Black History Month program or salute seems to focus on the heavy hitters, the big players, like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey.  The people who  are responsible for starting revolutions. But I don’t think that’s ”Black” History. That’s AMERCIAN HISTORY that we should celebrate, learn and teach our (and I mean the collective masses) EVERY MONTH, not just the one with the least days!

So with that said, the Brew would like to salute the not so obvious contributors to improving the Black Experience.

We salute thee: BLACK NERDS!

I have had a soft spot in my heart for a good black nerd since a high school boo who was better at math than making beats. And while he could dribble a basketball just fine, he was more concerned with the SAT as his ticket into getting into a good school than hoop fame fantasies.  He knew all about current affairs, and actually read books…without pictures, even!  In between teen make-out sessions, we actually TALKED, deep 16-year-old existential type ‘ish. GO FIGURE!  I knew, even as a Teen Witch, that smart was hot. 


Why? Well first of all, I think it’s much more inspiring to be the engineer that designs the car than the buster who kits it out with stupid ass accessories.

  I mean how does anyone even get into a car that sitting on 722” rims? Pogo stick? Rope Ladder?



Dr. Daniel Hale Williams 

  Call me crazy, but I’d rather hold a conversation with the guy who can crack a chest cavity open and massage a heart back to life, than the dude who thinks that hoodrat antics ‘take heart’.   Seriously, screw ”The Game” and it’s mean-spirited depiction of African American friendship and love, and put some images of US that are strong, powerful and smart.  Bring Back Dr. Burke, while you’re at it!  

I applaud those black nerds with business acumen, in the  position to build wealth for under-served communities, rather than posing with the wealth acquired by the illusion of thuggery.   Studio gangstas are laughing their way to the bank, on your hard earned dollars. Why? No one properly respects the NERD!

Critical thinkers are HOT. OK, maybe not this one in particular…but you know what I’m saying.

I think Urkel gave the black nerd a bad rap. He was not a nerd, he was a friggen moron, with what I can only assume a case of undiagnosed ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome with stalker tendencies.  I also think he was neglected, but that’s a different convo.

So, you guys can keep your studio Ballers and in foreclosure Shot callers… I’m cruising the next IT Convention and getting me a NERD!

Wonder what Dwayne Cleophus Wayne is doing…










A Brew Food WTF! Pickled Pigs Feet……


Posted by Piper from the Brew | Posted in brew food wtf, i love bacon, babe pig in the city, more pork on my fork please, bodega | Posted on 17-02-2011

Ok so having grown up in the Bronx (which makes me half Puerto Rican), we are slaves to the bodega. Bodega’s are always open and always stocked with hood favorties like now & laters, lemonheads, Boston bakeds beans, sunflowers seeds, malt liquor, crunchy cheese doodles and some pretty hot and tempting sammies.  


Um yeeeaaaaa, I ain’t never seen a bottle of wine in any bodega in the hood of my youth but what I have seen is this:

Pickled pigs feet…… this mess is in every bodega in the Bronx, I promise! and the thing is, people buy it! like if you go to the bodega periodically over the course of a couple of weeks you will notice the jar getting lower and lower…..

Why would anyone eat this? the foot of a pig??? PICKLED??? In a jar sold in a hispanic wine shop….. in the hood???? Who thought of this??? I mean I’m no stranger to the pig (bacon be callin me……. “Piper Piper, eat me, rub me all ovah your body, marry me“) Yeah it’s that serious. But putting my love of bacon aside, What I really wanna find is a brave soul or two willing to admit they’ve eaten this. I have never even thought of eating a pickled pigs feet…..

This looks like something you beat your kids with (go get me that foot! you finna get whooped!), not something you put in your body…… YIKES!