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Brew Quotes: @50Cent on Facial Tattoos


From the mind of Witch Hazel | Posted in 50 cent, Brew Quotes, tattoos | Posted on 03-22-2011

50 Cent covers the upcoming issue of Vibe Magazine. It’s the first ever “International Edition”… cuz, um, Fiddy’s hustle is on an international level, son. The cover is a little scary though.

During the interview, Curtis talked about the recent surge of rappers getting ink on their faces.

That’s the craziest thing. Not necessarily Gucci [Mane], but to tattoo your face says that there’s not a possibility that you can actually walk into a legitimate establishment without makeup covering your face every day. That does not work. It creates a separation. It says, “I’m an artist.” That’s it. That’s the statement you make when you go and tattoo your face…But know that the public will not have interest in you as an artist for life. You have to be phenomenal. Talk to the best that do it and they will tell you that it will take more than you being an artist. It takes marketing, maneuvering to generate for that long. When you got 40-year-old rappers in the game, those guys have maneuvered and survived.

This may be the most coherent, reasonable statement Mr. Jackson has ever made. And, probably, the first thing he’s said that I agree with. Well done Curtis. Too bad, Gucci. #brrrrrr

Image via Vibe
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