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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

……. “What About Your Friends?”


Posted by Piper from the Brew | Posted in brew dating woes | Posted on 27-03-2011

So after a pretty quiet weekend, one in which I felt like just checking out completely (minus a quick trip up the road to dine with my lil sister for her birthday) I find myself in heavy thought about a convo I overheard in the grocery store this evening. As I’m strolling down the ice cream aisle,not minding my business as always and having those internal convos with myself “you don’t need no ice cream thickums”, “ah damn but they got the pistachio”, “yeah chunks just keep it moving”…. ya know, those kinda convos, I overhear a woman in the same aisle with me on her cell phone say to the party on the other end “I mean yeah, she looked ok, definitely not skinny, she’s picked up some weight but she looked ok I guess”…….. OH HAILS NO!!!! Ok now I know what you’re thinking, you might be thinking that hearing this made me change my mind about the ice cream (it did not, I’m eating it now :)) but what it did do was make me kinda disgusted for the young lady they were talking about. First, I’ve always been realistic about ‘girlfriend’ relationships, it might be a woman thing maybe but it’s a simple fact of life that girls that are part of a crew, in general talk smack about one another. Not hateful things, just general chit talking about who and why one friend is dating this one, or why one friend wore this, or why one friend wears this weave or that wig….. you get the point, it’s unrealistic to think that just cause someone is your friend they won’t talk about you, cause it happens all the time and it’s never not gonna happen. That being said, I don’t waste time sitting around thinking about what my friends say about me behind my back, mostly because I’m at a point in my life where I am very clear on who I am, this is it, you like it, you love it or you take a hike! 

Still, can’t quite shake the slight feeling of disgust upon overhearing this conversation ………… ” I mean she looked ok but definitely not skinny”, that might be what’s tying my thong in a knot, the “definitely not skinny” part. When did ‘skinny’ become the marker for how good or bad a person looks??? Maybe it offended me cause I’m not skinny but I look pretty damn good, I do many things that a lot of skinny women I know refuse to do, I pay attention to what I put inside my body and yet still, I am not skinny. But here’s the really interesting thing, I have no desire to be, like ever but overhearing this girlfriend chit talking made me wonder if that is a convo my girls are having about me behind my back. Like are they like ” Whoo wee, did you see Piper’s ass the other night, when do you think she’s gonna get that thing down to a manageable size?” ………. I don’t know, and like I said, can’t waste too much time caring cause I don’t believe this kinda thing means your girls aren’t your girls, but it definitely warrants a most serious side eye…..


Brew Beauty: Tika Sumpter


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Brew beauty | Posted on 27-03-2011


Our latest Brew Beauty is actress Tika   Sumpter.

Born, Euphemia L. Sumpter (that HAS to be a family name) the 33 year old Texas native got her start in commercials,  and voice overs (being too short to mottle), she’s now ALL over your TV sets.  You may have seen her on ONE LIFE TO LIVE (for the past 5 years, she’s chosen to go off of contract- me thinks it has paid off.), if you do the daytime thing.

Currently, Tika is  guest starring on THE GAME, as Malik El DeBarge Wright’s rehabby lady love.  AND this season of GOSSIP GIRL, as socialite Raina Thorpe, where she is currently being wooed by the purdiest man (even purdier than the ladies IMO) on the show, Chase Crawford.





Head to our Facebook page for our Brew Beauty gallery to see more of Tika. And while you’re there, “LIKE” us and follow our blog.



Sources: Wikipedia The Lazy Encyclopedia,

Brewchie Approved Phrase


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew commentary | Posted on 26-03-2011

My profession forces me to move around a bit. One of my stints took me to the Midwest where I stumbled upon the phrase that has given me life. See we had a co-worker who was a little unruly to put it mildly. Every weekend after a night of partying and White Castle sliders, he would call on his cell phone from the bathroom to let us know that he was in the building, but dropping the kids off at the pool first.

I guess my co-worker had enough of his antics and one weekend POPPED OFF, spilling the beans about EVERYTHING. She revealed that he still lived with his mother and that he dated a chick who was a little on the learning disabled side (I said this was the Midwest!) She ended her 5 minute terrible tirade with a simple, “BLESS HIS HEART”! I noticed my co-workers all smiled and nodded in passive agreement before walking back to their desks. I was shocked, astonished and HOOKED. I had never heard this phrase but immediately understood that it acted like a verbal eraser. Everything jacked up said prior to it was ok. “You’re man’s a bitch, bless his heart.” “Her little girl’s picture is just not ready for the living room mantle yet. She’s in that strong faced phase. Bless her heart”.

See how it works? LOVES IT!


Foxy Brown Kicked Off The Tom Joyner Cruise


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in foxy brown, Tom Joyner | Posted on 25-03-2011

It has soooo not been a good week for “the Browns.” First Blondie melts down and now Foxy Brown ‘dun got herself kicked off the Negro party ship.

Tom Joyner kicked Foxy Brown off his “Fantastic Voyage.” Joyner made the announcement on his show this morning.

“We put Foxy off the cruise. Let’s just say she got put off. You had to really act a fool to get put off.”

No one is saying exactly what Fox Boogie did but, the website EURweb is reporting her removal “comes just days after her phone interview on the show ended abruptly, leaving the hosts and audience to wonder if she hung up on them, or was disconnected.”

Joyner said Foxy was sent to her cabin and told to stay there since there’s no jail (or brig) on the ship. But her antics must have continued because the brawd was promptly escorted to a plane.

UPDATE: Foxy’s been kicking out a stream of tweets today aimed at Tom…claiming she did not get put off the ship.
Taste The Brew for her tweets


Brew Tube: Jill Scott Is Such A Lady


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, CNN, Jill Scott | Posted on 25-03-2011

Jill Scott is working on new music (‘bout time) AND she’s helping to save a Philly rec center for the kids. Such a lady of substance… CNN caught up with her during the filming of her new video, “Shame,” with Eve.
Taste The Brew for the CNN video