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Social Commentary: Hiding Guest Lists


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew bits, Social commentary | Posted on 22-06-2011

I am old enough to remember when people actually mailed party invitations to your…wait for it… wait for it… home address! Then Evites came on the scene. I totally thought it was a great idea because you could actually see if the party would be a Bama fest or not based on the RSVP’s. You knew which slutty outfit to put on if that cutie you’re feeling or his boy responded. But lately I’ve noticed a trend; hiding guest lists! This is so shady.com!  I realize you might have some petty friends who won’t come if they think so and so will be there but damn, this hiding ish takes all the fun out of it for me. What is that about?


Big, Mean Ladies and Reality TV……..


Posted by Piper from the Brew | Posted in erica atkins | Posted on 20-06-2011

This is gonna be a controversial statement but here goes, I DO NOT want to see anymore loud ass, big fat colored ladies on my t.v. I know, I know, “change the channel bish!” blah blah blah…. and most of the time I do but I cannot lie, I find myself always getting stuck watching these raving idiots carry on. Now I know that on shows like ‘Bridezillas‘ that are advised to act an extra fool. so I get that some of it is for show but seriously??? SERIOUSLY???

Like take for instance Erica Atkins…..

She is a natural born, swole fool and while I’m sure she would accuse me of being a hater, ugh! I can’t imagine who in their right mind would get on bended knee and ask this assbesol for her hand in marriage. I mean sure, I can spaze out on a mofo like nothing you’ve ever seen before but what I witness with the fools on these shows makes me cringe and hardly anything makes me do that. Like why isn’t she mad about her clogged arteries???? I know I sure was, never once did the cameras follow her taking a walk, you know just for chits n giggles. Instead we are treated to a full 1/2 hour of this round woman having bridal meltdowns….. smh. 


Her dude seems normal, sane even, they met on facebook which I find hilarious. If anyone follows this blog ya’ll already know what kinda online action I get. Does this mean I should just eat with wild abandonment and become an enraged, psycho maniac??? Maybe so, I’m considering it cause clearly my way is not working.


Brew Health: Green Tea Shortage?


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew cares, brew health | Posted on 20-06-2011

Zoinks! If you love green tea as much as me, better stock up because we could be in the midst of a shortage soon. Supplies in Japan have reportedly been tainted with small amounts of radiation. This is causing farmers there to scratch their heads because they are hundreds of miles away from the nuclear reactor that failed following the March earthquake and tsumani. The Japanese government has already banned green tea leaves in three districts from being exported and is considering more.  This bad, real bad, Michael Jackson!  



Brew Quotes: Tiki Barber Depressed, “Needs” Football


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Quotes, tiki barber | Posted on 19-06-2011

A year after leaving his preggo wife for an intern, Tiki Barber seems to have hit a rough patch that he thinks only football can cure. In a new HBO interview, the former New York Giants great says depression has pushed him to make a football comeback at the age of 36. You’ll recall that Barber hit that rough patch when news broke that he left his pregnant (with twins) wife for a much younger NBC intern/employee/whatever. The scandal hit Barber in the pockets when he lost his job at the Today Show, causing him to slum it out in his agent’s attic like Anne Frank (his words, not mine).

Barber says…

“I remember there were days where I would literally wake up, have coffee, get something to eat and sit on the couch and do nothing for 10 hours. I started to shrivel. I didn’t have that confidence. I didn’t have the, that aura anymore.”

“The game never needs you because there’s always someone else to come and take your place. But right now, I need the game.”

“I need to prove to myself that I can be successful at something. I know I’m going to be successful as a football player. I don’t know why. The odds say ‘No.’ I’m 36 and I haven’t played in four years. But I just know.”

He’s putting all his fragile hopes on a renewed football career, which is sad because one’s happiness should never be placed in someone else’s hands. #message

The interview airs Tuesday on HBO’s Real Sports.

Somewhere, I’m imagining his ex-wife in a full on “’til you do right by me” Celie moment.

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Happy Father’s Day!


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Father's Day, Fathers | Posted on 19-06-2011

Happy Father’s Day to all the papas.
Period. No qualifiers, no disclaimers, no side-eyed shout outs.

And for the fathers lost and so far away…

Love your dad. If you don’t have one nearby, love on someone else’s (but keep it PG… I know how some of you Brewchies roll).