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What’s Brewing


From the mind of Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in What's Brewing | Posted on 06-10-2011

(Photo via TMZ)

The “News” of the week that you may have “missed”.

The Basketball “Wives” are International Brawlers, yo! TMZ

Keep ignoring those turn off electronics and cellphones warning on planes and we’re going DOWN!

That Wiener cannot be stopped! Congressman Anthony Wiener’s wife is carrying a baby Weins.

Gilbert Arenas is fined by the NBA for Tweets about a bad blind date and “other things”.  This guy saves us the trouble of finding the offending Tweets. Since when are professional athletes NOT supposed to be douchey about women?

Awww, Kim Kardashian is super mads and wants Bret Lockett to say ‘Sawwry‘.

Lupe Fiasco calls The Prez a Terrorist, gets a chance to backpedal,  but instead  says “YEA BISHES I SAID AND I MEANT THAT ISH!”

The Voice, is the best thing on TV right now! For reals!

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