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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Did Deion Sanders File For Divorce?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Deion Sanders, Divorce, Pilar Sanders | Posted on 25-09-2011

The rumor mill was churning late last week that Deion Sanders had filed for divorce from his wife, Pilar, for some pretty ridiculous reasons. The story originated on a site called Hello Beautiful and included a reaction statement from Pilar. But, this Witch checked and couldn’t find the story anywhere else. Y’all know I won’t believe any rumors of my own death until TMZ reports it.

According to the report, Sanders is fed up with Pilar’s career moves:

Enough is enough. I never signed up for all this. Enough is enough. If I wanted a model or a television star I would have married one a long time ago. All I wanted was a housewife.”

Seems kinda crazy to this Witch since Pilar was doing music videos when she met Prime Time and they had their own reality show once.

In the initial report, Pilar issued this statement:

It’s unfortunate that my husband decided to take this course of action…I’m surprised and hurt… As I said to my children, we must take a minute breath and Trust God.”

Today, Deion hopped on Twitter to deny the story.

You have to wonder if something is going on though. There have been subliminal tweets from these two for at least a week (g’on and check their timelines), plus that site that shall not be named –the one that churns out “fakeout” information– reported that Deion had some 19 year old mistress earlier this month. That cannot be good for a marriage…can it? I hope they make it. I like them as a couple.

Stay tuned…

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Fooling With Tyra Banks Will Leave You Bald


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew beauty, Natural Hair, Tyra Banks | Posted on 25-09-2011

Tyra Banks is pretty busy these days. Lately, we’ve seen her out –dressed as a model superhero warrior– promoting her new “book,” Modelland. But she’s also got a fashion and beauty site called typeF which she launched earlier this year to offer “women the personalized style know-how they are looking for, when and where they want it, at home or on the go.” The site’s YouTube channel features short tutorials on how to achieve your best look, be it the little black dress or how to lay down an afro. Wait. What? Lay down an afro? I have never searched for this information on the innawebs. Ever. If anything, I’m trying to get my afro to be bigger. But anywhosss, perhaps this is advice that someone needs. There’s a “hair expert” on Tyra’s site who’s offering “tips” to natural hair wearers and African American women overall. Her advice got the natural hair community’s shea butter in a curdle.

Did she really just paddle brush on dry hair? Mamma nooooo!

After receiving a slew of negative comments, the typeF people deleted the comments and issued this statement.

Oh, but this little nugget of beauty advice still exists on the site:

C’mon Tyra…


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Brewchies At The Movies: Mr. SOUL! Documentary


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brewchies at the movies, Mr. Soul | Posted on 22-09-2011

Long before there was an Oprah, an Arsenio or even a nationally syndicated Soul Train, there was SOUL! on New York City’s PBS station, WNET. SOUL! was the Tonight Show for black folks, but with much more style, more content, more music and more thought.

The new documentary, Mr. SOUL!, chronicles the history of the groundbreaking show you’ve probably never heard of. Show host, the late Ellis Haizlip, crafted a program that blended the most popular acts of the era with poets, actors and black leaders. The show was directed by a then up-and-comer Stan Lathan. It was revolutionary then and, sadly, there hasn’t been much since that can match the show’s contributions to the culture. Where else can you find a show that will put acts like Earth, Wind & Fire, Nikki Giovanni, Sidney Poitier, The Last Poets, Stokely Carmichael, Gladys Knight, her Pips and James Baldwin on the same stage?
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Brew Commentary: Aging Gracefully is Free


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in 50 cent, Slimm, Vivica Fox | Posted on 22-09-2011

Something seems really..."Tight"...

 Piper:  Vivica gives me the sads for the ladies,  she really does.

Elphaba:  Especially when you think she cannot be unhappy with her looks,  b/c she’s so ATTRACTIVE.

Piper:  Right! Goodness

 Elphaba:  And if she thinks that little of herself what about actual DOGS? What hope is there for them?

Piper:  And this young man she’s engaged to marry can’t think this is goot.  Fiddy is prolly like “damn lady, I feel bad for pushing you to this”

The Beginning of the End?

Elphaba:  I SO BLAME HIM!! It’s like she thought he was her last shot at EVERYTHING









Piper:  Everything…..

Sweet WJ, Blue Contacts were involved?

Elphaba:  happiness love, loving herself. THE FOCK?  A man cannot be what keeps you teetering on the brink  of  low self esteem and insanity.

But you know what? A 50 year old broad engaged to a man named SLIMM, marrying a man named  SIXX NINE.. SURRIOUSLY?

Piper:  Yeah you know what, EXACTLY! Her bad!

The Sixx-Nine's in Happier Times

Elphaba:  OH, OH and FIDDY…A GROWN MAN CALLIN HE’SELF FIDDY.  OMG, I’m officially an old woman!

Piper:  No, we are sensible and you just don’t marry/date mofo’s who go by nicknames..

 Elphaba:  Right as their name, in the skreets!  SIXX NINE?? And you aint got no record deal?  50,’s 50. In de club. But, huh?

Piper: Ain’t gonna lie, with that body Fiddy mighta got me  too, but 6’9???? no fucking way!

Caveman Fitness

 Elphaba:  lol!  Right, I’mma give you an evolutionary pass, for the workouts an’ such.   BUT SIXX—NINNE??? And now you’re literally 50 years old betrothed to a bamma named SLIMM WITH MULTIPLE MMMS??!

Piper:  LMAO!!!! I gotta be honest; it’s the 3 M’s!

 Elphaba:  like HUH?? I feel like he’s mocking me.  I mean are the extra M’s so we know he’s MMMMM GOOD?

The Future Slimmmmmmmm Family



#RHOA’s @KimZolciak Getting Her Own Show


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in kim zolciak, Real Housewives of atlanta, will you watch | Posted on 22-09-2011

All that chain smokin’, wig wearin’, Big Poppa’n and tardy for the partyin’ is paying off big time for Kim Zolciak. Bravo is reportedly giving The Real Housewives of Atlanta “star” her own reality show spinoff.

“Originally the show [RHOA] was to be five African American women but after Bravo met Kim, they insisted she be part of the cast,” an insider tells the Huffington Post. “Kim is a game-changer. She was the first housewife to release a single ["Tardy for the Party"] and just like Bethenny [Frankel], she fell in love and got pregnant while taping the show. She’s the perfect choice for the next lady to get her own show.”

The ATL housewives became the highest rated show in the Bravo franchise just a year after its debut. Word is Kim’s show will follow the “Bethenny” formula: new mom, new baby daddy, career, yaada yaada.

Somewhere, Sheree is crying into the arms of her acting coach.

The real question is: will Sweetie have a starring role?

So, will you watch Kim’s new show?

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