Bactrim En Grande Bretagne - Antibiotics (Septra), Bactrim Suspension Dosage Kids

Bactrim En Grande Bretagne

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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Shade Alert: Aretha Franklin & Patti LaBelle


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Aretha Franklin, Brew Tube, patti labelle | Posted on 12-03-2014


It is no secret that Aretha Franklin can be the Ice Queen when it comes to dropping that legendary shade. And, Ms. Patti LaBelle is no stranger to pulling the curtains either. So, what happens with the two divas meet? It was a less than pleasant meeting at the White House’s recent “Women of Soul” concert. As Aretha comes down the aisle, watch the Heisman quality move she makes to avoid Patti’s touch.
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Brew Bits: Engaged & Hitched!


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Aretha Franklin, brew bits, Brew Love N' Stuff, Johnny Weir, lebron james, Savannah Brinson | Posted on 02-01-2012

Photo: Gary Miller/FilmMagic

It wouldn’t be a new year without news of celebs solidifying their love with their boos. Over the holiday, LeBron James popped the question to his longtime lady love/mother of his kids/sidekick, Savannah Brinson. LeBron said this about the engagement:

My girl, she’s really excited. She would love to answer more questions about it than me. But she’s happy, my family’s happy and that’s what it’s all about. . . It should be a surprise. For any woman, any time something like that happens, she was surprised. It was great that all the friends and family were there to bring in a new year. Even my kids were happy about it, so that’s good. … I feel good. I feel good. It’s a good point in my life right now.

April 1987

Aretha Franklin also announced that she’s getting married for the third time. She’s engaged to her lonnnnnnggggggtime beau, William “Willie” Wilkerson. And relax, the 69 year old Queen of Soul says this isn’t a shotgun wedding, she’s not pregnant. Yes, she actually said that. She hopes to have a summer wedding and possibly wear a Donna Karan, Valentino or Vera Wang dress with teeny spaghetti straps.





Image via Twitter

And, lastly, my favorite swan on ice, Johnny Weir married his lawyer boyfriend Victor Voronov on New Year’s eve. They plan to have a more formal wedding in the summer.

Congrats to all the couples!

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Brew Bits: Halle Berry To Star As Aretha Franklin [CONFIRMED]


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Aretha Franklin, brew bits, brewchies at the movies, halle berry | Posted on 15-01-2011

Last month, we told you that Aretha Franklin was set on having Halle Berry portray her in an upcoming biopic. And, well, we kinda rolled our eyes at that one. But, whatever ReRe wants, ReRe gets. Halle will star as the legendary Queen of Soul in the film. Aretha told Wendy Williams that after years of having film offers fall through, there’s “something on the table” waiting to be approved by the Queen.

Hmmm…this casting… should be, um, well… interesting?

UPDATE: While on the Golden Globe’s red carpet Sunday, Halle told Ryan Seacrest that someone should call Aretha and let her know that she can’t carry a tune and wouldn’t do the role justice (*cough cough*). But, Halle did admit that if her voice could be dubbed, maybe she could do the role. Methinks this “confirmation” may be all in Aretha’s head.

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Aretha Franklin Says She’s Good…Now Stay Out Her Biz


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Aretha Franklin, Brew Quotes | Posted on 06-01-2011

Y’all still get Jet magazine? If you don’t, here’s what’s hot this month or week or whatever: Aretha Franklin’s talking about her health and telling y’all to stay outta the Queen’s bidness at the same time.

She admits that she experienced a “very hard pain” in her side during a concert in Toronto last year which prompted her to go to the doctor for a colonoscopy that turned up nothing. But, still in pain, she had to have a CAT scan and that’s when her condition unfolded. A condition she’s not talking about. She tells Jet:

“I am not one to do a lot of talking about my personal health or business. Not too much, not too much. There are a lot of people who will talk about anything, as long as there is somebody listening. But I am not one of those people. That’s not Aretha.”

And, those reports of her having pancreatic cancer:

“I am not going to even deal with that. I don’t have to talk about my health with anybody other than my doctors. The problem has been resolved.”

The Queen wants her fans to keep up with their health and see a doctor if something is wrong. She says she is “feeling great and coming along.”

And there you have it! Stay up outta the Queen’s medical chart!

Image via WENN

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Aretha Franklin Has Cancer


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Aretha Franklin, brew health | Posted on 08-12-2010

A family friend of Aretha Franklin’s has confirmed to a Detroit news station that the legend has cancer. Earlier today, the internet went wild about a National Enquirer report that the singer has pancreatic cancer. So far, no one is confirming the type of cancer Franklin has, but it would seem the Enquirer report forced someone close to Aretha to come forward with details about her health.

Family and friends close to the Queen of Soul are said to be “very concerned,” but they say she is doing “okay.” Franklin underwent surgery last week, which her camp called “highly successful” but the cause of the surgery was not revealed.

Get well Queen!

Image via AP

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