La Ce Se Foloseste Zyprexa - Mental Disorders (Olanzapine), Is Olanzapine Always Prescribed With Lorazepam

La Ce Se Foloseste Zyprexa

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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Witches’ Wisdom


Posted by admin | Posted in Ben Rothlisberger, why are you here?, Witches' Wisdom | Posted on 24-07-2009

We here at the brew like to ponder and pontificate about a lot of things, per se. Like why do the Negroes people think adding “per se” at the end of a sentence makes them sound intelligent? It doesn’t boo boo, just sayin’…

Anybadblackgrammarhow, we figured a good way to welcome the weekend would be with a new feature dubbed: Witches’ Wisdom. This week’s questions are…*drum roll*

1) Is anyone other than me afraid because former President George Bush is being so quiet lately?

2) Is New Jersey the most corrupt state in history? Why do even the Rabbis roll like Tony Soprano?

3) It’s been years since Dave Chappelle left the comedy game, so why is he still the funniest commedian ever?

4) If it were Donovan McNabb and not Ben Rothlisberger accused of sexual assault would ESPN and the other news station cover it the same way?