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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Brew Fashion Bit: Keep It Funky with a Modern Name Plate Necklace


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Fashion Bit | Posted on 10-02-2014


One piece of fashion history that has never seemed to go out of style is the name plate. Before Carrie Bradshaw made it a “mainstream” fashion statement, back in the day, all the kids were rocking them. It was a mark of individuality and uniqueness with a flair of fashion. The higher the “wow” factor of your name plate, the more cheddar at your disposal. Gold? ✔ Heavy rope chain holding it up? ✔ A diamond dotting your “i”? ✔ The name plate helped you stand out or even rep your crew.


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Ladies, leggings and some corrective measures….


Posted by Piper from the Brew | Posted in Brew Fashion Bit | Posted on 18-10-2012

Hey Guys! Ok so today I need to discuss leggings. Now I’m never the one to chastise anyone for choosing to engage in the sport of legging wear, I have quite the collection myself…. Cheetah leggings, electroplated leggings, candy coated leggings, corduroy leggings, alpaca leggings (Witch E loves those J), Christmas leggings…… I have them all, HOWEVER…… let’s curtail it for Friday night, Saturday or football Sundays. Leggings are like mad comfy and I get it why they are the ‘go to’ choice of clothing for most of us ladies, especially when you’re a lil meaty round your middle/lady parts. Plus, paired with the right top and boot or whatever, you can get a waaaay cute look out of it. But let’s take a minute to discuss when and where you shouldn’t wear leggings:

  1. WORK!! – Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of legging covered booty meat at work, like lots! Now we all know that there are different levels of quality in the legging department. The dollar store leggings are almost like a day sheer; wear them if you like, but certainly not to work. Plus the crotch will give out on you in heart beat when the leggings cost .79 cents, splurge a little ladies!
  2. PARENT/TEACHER NIGHT  - ok yes, as a single broad I can sniff a cutie in the atmosphere, and I believe you should always be on you’re A game cause you never know when you’re gonna meet your dreamboat….. but even I know there are some places/times where it may not be appropriate to just display my chunky camel toe all willy nilly (Sidenote: I’m especially proud of the toe in this pic, this is the toe I typically wear to Wegman’s on Saturdays, I have a 2 phone # minimum in grocery stores) .Yes, your child’s teacher can get it, but wearing your “cum fug me spandex” to the parent/teacher conference is always a bad idea… always. He will remember you but not for the right reason.

3. CHURCH – um okay, nowadays with a lot of churches loosening up on the dress code choosing to instead welcome all through its doors no matter what you have on, some of yous are taking this allowance too far. NO LEGGINGS IN CHURCH!! EVER! Or if you must, please wear them with a sweater that has a train attached to it (yes, the sweater needs to be that long). Keep your kibbles and bits to yourself in the Lord’s house damn it!

4. THE GYM – ok now it may seem odd that I don’t think you should wear leggings to the gym, but it’s not odd, there is a HUGE difference between leggings and work out gear. Leggings are almost always see through, I should know, I wear leggings to the gym with an almost half top all the time, and yes, I am dead wrong. This is as much for me as it is for ya’ll. I used to get mad at the men lined up behind me as I ran on the treadmill wondering, “what the hell are they staring at? I’m just a big ole hunk of woman sweatin n stuff” But then I realized, all my southern comfort was on display and I was giving quite the show, don’t be like me ya’ll, wear the right stuff to gym, quality sweat gear will last longer, plus you won’t look like a slore as you sweat to the oldies and work on your sessy.

Comfort is important to us all, but comfort doesn’t trump looking inappropriate, leggings are an awesome piece of clothing, but please use them responsibly…. Love you!


Brew Fashion Bit: Adele To Design Plus Sized Line for Burberry?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Adele, Brew Fashion Bit | Posted on 17-09-2012

That bun in the oven isn’t the only thing Adele is cooking up. There’s news that she has a project lined up with fashion house, Burberry. Head honcho Christopher Bailey reportedly approached the singer and her stylist to create unique designs that are in line with her position as an ambassador for curvy women. Translation: struggling Burberry wants to love up on a thickie© to increase their slumping profits. So far, Adele’s people have declined to comment on the offer. Do you dig Adele’s sense of style enough to wear something designed by her?

Image via WireImage
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Brew Fashion Bit: Manolo Blahnik For J. Crew


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Fashion Bit, Manolo Blahnik | Posted on 16-02-2012

When I read last night that Manolo Blahnik — THE Manolo Blahnik — created a shoe line for J. Crew, I busted out my praise dance. Much like this one…

Then, I read the fine print. Manolo, who famously said he would not do a mass-market collaboration because it would “pollute” his brand, has teamed up with J. Crew to create a line of their Bebe heels. The shoes will be sold in prints and colors exclusive to J. Crew on the company’s website next Fall. But, there’s a catch. Isn’t that always the case? The shoes actually won’t be priced much cheaper than Manolo’s standard collection. Bummer. J. Crew’s Bebe heels already sell for about $550, so add on the Manolo markup and save your couch cushion money.

Image via Glamour
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Brew Fashion Bit: Italian Vogue To Do Africa Edition


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew fashion, Brew Fashion Bit | Posted on 13-02-2012

Slave jewelry, Rihanna’s ghetto fashion sense and the idea the Obama’s clothing brings street cred to the White House have soured me on fashion magazines lately. But, there could be a ray of fashion sunshine on the horizon. Hopefully. The group that brought us fancy slave-inspired jewels (O_o) is planning to shoot an African-themed issue. Franca Sozzani, the editor of Vogue Italia tells Styleite that she’s putting together another Africa issue that will hit stands this spring/summer. Sozzani says this issue of L’Uomo Vogue (or, the men’s version of Italian Vogue… or eye-talian, as my Grandma would say) will be “about the presidents, it will be about the people. But in a very positive way. I don’t want to say in a glamorous way, but I wanted to show the best side, but only the good side. There are a lot of talents, a lot of talented people in art, in music, in cinema and everywhere. So I really wanted to push that side” (as opposed to pushing the less glamorous, war-torn spots, I reckon). The magazine’s November 2008 issue was dedicated to Africa and featured pieces on Nelson Mandela and Somali musician/activist K’Naan. Let’s hope this new version will be as well received and won’t piss off anybody.

I’m waiting for the day when Africa won’t be a theme but, instead, a regular part of fashion.

Image via Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Europe
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