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She’s getting there….


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew fashion, Fantasia | Posted on 29-04-2013

When I see Fantasia I usually break into a chorus of “Fishay….fishay…..”, but lately she’s been stepping up her game! She posted this shot on Instagram

He And The Angels Walk With Me... No This

Click on the picture and check out the caption! I almost forgave her for “No This”…. almost!

photo courtesy: @tasiasword


Brew Fashion: Kentucky Derby Duds


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew fashion, Kentucky Derby | Posted on 17-04-2013

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is May 4th so The Witches asked our fabulous guest fashion blogger and Femme Fatale, Kristy Jones of kristysamone.com for her take on what to wear!

You can bet on the Kentucky Derby for some excitement. Known as “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports,” the Derby’s other nickname is “The Run for the Roses” – a blanket of roses is draped over the winner. Packed with history, it was designed to have the flair of luxurious European horse racing. No longer does the Derby maintain its rep of being an event rarely attended by people of color. It’s now a mixing bowl including all of who’s who (insert “dawling”) from A-list celebs to the most influential folks in business. Did you know the first winning jockey was Oliver Lewis, a black man? Like wow! Speaking of excitement, one of the highlights of the Kentucky Derby is the fashion. Honey, don’t half step, because they “bring it” at the Derby. Nobody’s playing -ha! The most important pieces are a wonderful hat (each year they get bolder and more expensive) and an amazing pair of heels. Your Derby fashion should simultaneously express your inner Southern Belle and personality. Check out my vision for a perfect Derby look from head to toe pretty in pink!

Kentucky Derby Outfit: Spare No Expense

Kentucky Derby Outfit: Spare No Expense by kristysamone featuring valentino shoes

Valentino silk short dress

Valentino shoes

Chanel handbag

Elise dray

Mac cosmetics lipstick

Kentucky Derby Fashionista On A Budget

Kentucky Derby Fashionista On A Budget by kristysamone featuring a felted hat

White black dress

River island bag
$26 - riverisland.com

Givenchy glass earrings

Black bubble necklace

Gold jewelry
$4.52 - nelly.com

Felted hat

Nyx lipstick

Essie nail polish

Buy Kentucky Derby 10.25″ Icon Plastic Plates-Caufields.com

Beautiful Pink Roses Victorian Antique Digital Image Download Transfer…

Beautiful Pink Rose Bush Victorian Antique Digital Image Download…

Thanks Kristy! Don’t forget to check out her fab blog for more fashion sense. See you at the races!

This is a sponsored post.


Brew Bits: Kanye ‘skirts’ the issue…


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew fashion, Brew News, Kanye West | Posted on 06-02-2013

kanye Courtesy: Getty Images

Mr. West popped the collar on his pink polo back in the day as a College Dropout, reigniting my favorite ‘Backpack Era’ of hip-hop, but as of late his gear looks like he took it ‘Through the Wire’..nah mean? He just got too avant garde for the lay person to relate. I guess he thinks so too now because word on the curb is that Ye is trying to bye-bye ALL images of him rocking this leather skirt/skort/pants thing from the Hurricane Sandy relief concert. This strangely comes a day or so after Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian basically called him weak sauce. Hmmmmm….methinks it’s not the skirt you need to be worried about right now boo. Just sayin’


Brew Fashion: Noooooo!


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew fashion | Posted on 17-10-2012

Last night I was scanning the innawebs for a new winter coat when I stumbled across this atrocity. A puffer shrug? Who does this? Who wears this? Even the mottle™ (R Kelly) looks like an offended Dakota Fanning. The buyer needs flogged. Mommy, make it stop, it’s scaring me!!


#NYFW Report: Fashion Week Street Style Recap


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew fashion | Posted on 16-09-2012


Our Brewchie on the Scene, Kristy Jones (@KristySamone), was once again at all the hot spots during New York Fashion Week. Here’s her latest installment about the street style at the Spring 2013 shows:

I’m home recuperating from a fabulous seven days of watching shows at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. That time was filled with zero sleep, frantically catching trains to back-to-back shows, chugging coffee, energy bars, lots of hard smiling, changing from flats to heels then flats to heels… and I loved every second of it. Although the shows were absolutely fantastic, the real treat was the people-watching. It was especially cool to see what folks were wearing to the runway shows. It gave me clear idea of what trends to expect this fall and even next spring. Here’s a look at what was hot on the streets.

#NYFW Street Style – Spring 2013 ShowsOnline Slideshow Maker

Thanks, Kristy! Be sure to check out Kristy’s blog, Fashion Femme Fatale, for more #NYFW coverage and videos.

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