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Brewchies With Talent: Ivelisse Estella, Custom Paper Craftstress


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Brewchies With Talent | Posted on 24-04-2013

Ivelisse Estella

Ivelisse Estella

Ivelisse Estella is  Owner/designer of iecreations a Staten Island, NY based handmade custom papierie. 

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/iecreations

We sat down to have a chitty chat with this bubbly creative  mind.

Where does one get training to become a paper queen?  I’m self-taught,  just the school of life, YouTube, Martha Stewart, my mom, my camp arts counselor when I was 12!

What inspires you?  Nature, fashion;  my love for paper came by way of “Zama mama”.  My supervisor when I worked at Kate’s Paperie.  She was the Einstein of paper and its origins.  May she rest in peace.

How many years have you worked on your art? Since 2009;  4 years this April.

What would you do, if you couldn’t create?  Bite your tongue.  I would roll over an’ die.  Although, I work at a wonderful place-  I only work part-time to supplement my passion.

Describe your process:  My process begins with trying to recreate the ordinary, such as a “Happy Birthday” Banner– you know the one with the metallic letters all hinged together with that silver circle thingie that you would twist until it laid like the other letters –and make it different.

What do you want to get out of your art, what do you want to give to others through it?  Selfishly,  I get to release all my pent up creative craziness.

I  like to create for my clients the most wonderful Fun Fantastic Fabulous shopping experience!  Either they can choose to purchase one of my pre-designed creations or I  help them realize their own paper decor vision and create a custom item.

 I love to provide  paper goodies to make celebration decor as unique as the event itself.  The best part is, everything is  HANDMADE.  And I am happy to say that I have done this many times and the experience is always phenomenal!

Thru the Month of May 2013– %15 off on all (pre-tax) orders when you mention Witches’ Brew!


Brewchies With Talent: Priscilla Dosunmu, Photographer


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Brewchies With Talent | Posted on 24-03-2013


Priscilla Donsunmu

Hearts Behind My Eyes Boudoir Photography
Hanover, Maryland
Website: www.heartsbehindmyeyes.com
Pinterest: iheartboudoir


Priscilla Dosunmu, is on a mission to help the everyday woman find her inner Pin Up.  Her shoots are tasteful and as sexy or as conservative as a lady can handle. She talked to us about her process and her creative inspiration.


“I’m inspired by confidence.  I believe that all women are beautiful and sexy.  I think that sometimes we are our own worst critic.  I enjoy bringing out my client’s confidence and watching them let go of some of their insecurities.

Women contact me for portraits to give to their significant other or as just a gift to themselves to celebrate a recent accomplishment in their lives.  I get a lot of brides who want to give their soon to be husband a sweet little gift (our little black book) right before he walks down the aisle!  Once I book a client we discuss the process of the shoot and what they should do in preparation for their shoots, such as what to wear.

I created a Pinterest board to give them ideas on what to shop for.  Once in the studio they have make-up applied just before their shoot.  These shoots are so much fun and I absolutely believe that every woman can benefit from them.  They are real confidence boosters and we all deserve to feel like a supermodel for a day.  We should take time out to pamper ourselves and to feel beautiful!

I get to bring out a woman’s self-confidence and I get to show her just how beautiful she is.”

Check out Priscilla’s website, book a session for yourself or as a gift. She also hosts Girls’Night Out and Bachelorette sessions.


Brewchies With Talent: Martine Foreman, JustDiva


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Brewchies With Talent | Posted on 24-02-2013

MLF PicMartine Foreman, Maryland based Editor and Co-Founder of  JustDiva.


Twitter: @justdivadaily   Facebook

Just Diva Daily is a life style newsletter for the Modern Black Woman. They source very best in culture, fashion, travel, tech so you don’t have to.


As a modern black woman with a passion for all things fabulous, and for writing,  Martine Foreman serves as the creative force behind JustDiva. Her partner, a business professional with an MBA from The Wharton School at UPenn, serves as the business mind.

Not long after she had her first child, Martine’s business partner approached her with the idea for JustDiva. Around that time she  would have loved the ability to subscribe to a service like JustDiva because although she still wanted to be “in the know” about what’s hot, she really did not have the time to do all of the legwork. And, although models like JustDiva existed, none existed that targeted black women as their demographic.  That is what makes JustDiva unique.

Martine in her own words:

“I am influenced by every woman I know who I think is simply fabulous because of their strength, creativity, and spirit. I am also influenced by successful blogs (like Witches’ Brew) and businesses that are founded by awesome women. When I see another sister doing great things it just makes me want to get off my butt and make things happen!

I just want to feel like the site and our daily emails serve a meaningful purpose in the lives of our subscribers.
Through JustDiva I get a level of satisfaction from knowing that I made someone’s life a little bit better by introducing them to a product, experience, or service they were unaware of. I want JustDiva to give our subscribers what they need in a quick and easy manner, which ultimately gives them a little extra time to take care of what matters most in their lives.”

If you’re like most women with 50-11 jobs (paid and unpaid) you probably don’t have time to surf the net for the new, now and next.  Let Just Diva be that friend ‘in the know’.  Check out the cool recommendations and tips at JustDivaDaily.com and subscribe to the daily newsletter while you’re there!


Brewchies With Talent: Atasha Scott, Confectionaire


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Brewchies With Talent | Posted on 15-06-2012

Meet Central New Jersey Sugar Babe Atasha N. Scott, proprietor of Sugar Lumps Candy & Gourmet Dessert Buffet Designs & Sweet Swag.


Website:www.JadoreCandy.com & CrunchieCoutureCupcakes.com
How does one  become a candy queen?:  I started designing confectionary tablescapes in 2006. It started with my wedding and flourished from there. To strengthen my skills and expand my brand I decided offer celebrity gift Baskets,handmade gourmet chocolates and confections.I worked closely with a chocolatier in a gourmet chocolate shop for 6 months learning everything I could regarding confections. I also attended a Professional Chocolatier Program.

What inpsires you? The looks on my clients & their guest faces when they see all I have created for their tablescapes. I customize each display for my clients not one design is the same.

How long have you been working at your craft?  6 years

Who are your influences?  My influences are some of the greatest chocolatiers who’s work I have studied over they years Peter Grewling,Andrew Shotts and Ewald Notter. Tablescape design concepts stem from my VERY vivid imagination something I have had since childhood and have never grew out of..which is a great thing I think. Movies such as Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium, The Never Ending Story & of course Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory are the foundation of my little candy castle.

What would you do, if you couldn’t create? I would teaching others how to create something which I already do now. I teach little chocolatier & cupcake decorating classes children.

Describe your creative process: I approach each design as a on an individual bases. My process is hard to explain I often spend 72 hours or more creating the perfect designs for my clients. I once had a client call me after an event and say “OMG I can’t believe you over 1000 handmade kisses individually wrapped them in red foil” yeah there is a method to my madness but that is what makes it “Sweet”.

What do you want to get out of your art, what do you want to give to others through it? I get to be a part of someones special day weather its a wedding, birthday celebration or Celebrity gift. My job is to make the world a little bit sweeter.

View Atasha’s work and check out some of the celebs who like her sweet treats…and stay tuned (on the FB Fan page on how you can win your very own treat basket!


Brewchies With Talent: Jasmin Mitchell, Jewelry Designer


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Brewchies With Talent | Posted on 06-05-2012


Chicago Native, Jasmin Mitchell is an  independent freelance jewelry designer. Her work is bold yet earthy.  She’s a talented artist and business woman. Let’s meet her!

 To Contact Jasmin, see more of her work or shop:


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So, tell the Brewchies how you started making jewelry: I hold a Bachelors degree for fashion design and fashion merchandising. After graduating from design school I worked for several years as a wardrobe and styling assistant for a touring fashion show where I traveled across the country assisting in weekly shows. While on the road I started experimenting with other elements of fashion design and discovered a knack for creating jewelry that the public soon began taking an interest in. I then decided to focus on jewelry making and settle back down in my hometown of Chicago.  I kept myself busy by splitting my time between freelance designing, and working part-time at a jewelry design boutique located in downtown Chicago.  I also began taking a few classes to learn more about various jewelry making techniques – some of which I included in my designs.

I am inspired by  many things including (old and new)  fashion, movies, music, magazines, and art. I also often find inspiration when I am  searching for materials.

I like to experiment and so I don’t really limit myself when it comes to my style. My pieces range from subtle and clean to bolder and edgier designs.  My handmade jewelry is created from a variety of  materials including semi precious stones, beads, wood, metals, recycled materials, chain and whatever else I find interesting to create with.

Check out her work: