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“Seasoned” White Meat Heat Of The Week: Eric Ripert


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Eric Ripert, white meat heat | Posted on 18-05-2010

Eric Ripert is the lucky winner of our first ever “seasoned” White Meat Heat of the Week. And how fitting the word “seasoned” is in this case since he’s a legend in the chef world.

Ripert (pronounced rih-pair’ in sessy French talk) is the executive chef at New York’s swanky Le Bernadin. Word is Ripert will be a recurring guest judge on the upcoming season of Top Chef: DC, which means he’s in my city, hence making him easier to stalk bump in to. If you watch HBO’s Treme, then you saw him make a cameo on that show Mother’s Day weekend too. Half the time, I have no idea what he’s saying through that Frenchie accent but who cares. This is one hot silver fox (sorry Andy Cooper)!


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