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Would You Rock It?: Eco-Friendly Birkin Bag


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew fashion, go green, Hermes Birkin Bag, would you rock it? | Posted on 20-06-2010

I’d have to take out a 2nd mortgage, sell a kidney and maybe a few eggs to buy a Birkin bag, but now there’s a cheaper, eco-friendly option for those of us who’d rather keep our organs and stay out of debt.

A store in Taipei is selling these canvas totes with the Hermes Birkin bag screenprinted on it. Hermes will probably put the smackdown on production of these bags, especially since the recession has hit the real Birkin market pretty hard. There used to be a wait list to buy one, now you can just walk right up and plop down your money to get one. Thanks, sucky economy.

There’s a wait list to get your hands on one of these $45 canvas ones though. Funny how the world works.

Anyway, would you rock it?


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