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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Will You Watch?: Khloe & Lamar [SNEAK PEEK]


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in khloe kardashian, lamar odom, will you watch | Posted on 06-04-2011

The buzz about Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s reality show has been brewing (pun intended) since last summer. Now, the extended trailer for the show is finally here. And, it looks like the rapid we don’t really know each other-I’ve never met yo’ daddy nature of their speedy marriage is catching up with them in a few places.

Taste The Brew for a peek at the show


Brew Bits: Kardashians Kancel MasterKard


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew bits, khloe kardashian, Kim Kardashian, kourtney kardashian | Posted on 30-11-2010

Kim Kardashian and her sisters want out of their deal with Mastercard. The three launched the deal for the prepaid debt card just three weeks ago, but after Connecticut’s attorney general issued a warning to parents about the card, the sisters had their lawyer cancel the deal. The AG said he was disturbed by the card’s high fees and that the family was “marketing a dangerous financial fantasy.” When you read the fine print, the card carried $99.95 annual fees, $7.95 monthly fees (after the first year), ATM withdrawal fees, bill pay fees, loading fees and charges for talking to a customer service agent. Not a good look for something marketed to kids.

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Will You Watch?: The Kardashi-Odoms


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in khloe kardashian, lamar odom, will you watch | Posted on 01-07-2010

I can’t even lie. Khloe is the Kardashian I fux with. She seems like the random, out of the box girl who would be funny to go out drinking with. Just don’t let her do the driving. #justsayin

Anyway, Khloe and her husband, Lamar Odom, are getting their own realty show. That Kris Jenner sure does put in work to make us watch her kids on the teevay. The show (which has yet to be titled) will reportedly focus on their life as a couple and how Lamar is trying to impregnate her. I’m interested to see just how Khloe gets along with Lamar’s two children… and his EX!

Khloe plans to continue being a part of the family’s other 2 shows and all their other crap (which, I watch…sometimes).

So, will you watch?

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Brew Bits: Beef Among Laker Wives?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew bits, khloe kardashian, Kobe Bryant, lamar odom, vanessa bryant | Posted on 23-06-2010

You don’t wanna piss off Vanessa Bryant. Just ask the maid.

In Touch Weekly reports Kobe’s wife is NOT feeling the Kardashian clan taking the spotlight from her at the Lakers’ games. An “insider” says ‘Nessa “hates” Khloé Kardashian (wife of Lakers player Lamar Odom) and thinks the Kardashians are a bunch of attention-grabbing fame-seekers.

Vanessa “won’t sit anywhere near Khloé at Lakers games,” the insider says, adding that because of Vanessa’s dislike of her, Khloé has been shut out of the “inner circle” of Lakers’ wives. Vanessa even called Khloé a “fake wife.”

Hello pot… have you met this kettle?

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Throwing Shade At Khloe


Posted by admin | Posted in khloe kardashian, Shanna Moakler, Wendy Williams | Posted on 13-11-2009

Ok, so I punked out and watched the PR blitz that was the Lamar Odom – Khloe Kardashian wedding and I’m shamed to say, I actually like them together.  (*looking up now for the lightning strike or the chandelier to fall on my head*)  They are a bit sickeningly sweet to watch…all that kissing and PDA crap they do.  But Lamar seems like a good dude.  So, I’ma pull for them, about as much as I pulled for the Swizzy-Mashonda union (I’m just sayin’…)

Anyway, Shanna that chick Travis Barker can’t seem to get rid of Moakler went on Wendy Williams this week and trashed my new BFF Khloe KardashiOdom.

Moakler later apologized via Twitter… like everyone else does these days.

I think Wendy needs a new stick of Secret though.