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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Brew Tube: Lil Kim Tours Biggie’s Old Hood


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, lil kim, mtv, notorious big | Posted on 25-08-2013

Lim Kim - MTV tour

Brooklyn is playing host to MTV for tonight’s VMAs. As part of the celebration, the network has been running this Brooklyn Hip-Hop series thingamajig (don’t ask me, I only watch Catfish on that channel) all week. MTV host Sway took a little tour with Lim Kim and Lil Cease (but not together, since they got beef or whatever) on the streets of the Notorious B.I.G.’s old Brooklyn neighborhood. Take a look…

Honestly, I have no idea what was said in that video. I was transfixed by Kim’s, um, look. Bless her heart.

Anywho, the VMAs will be live from the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, tonight at 9 pm (ET).

Will you watch?

Image via MTV
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Oh Lil Kim…Shut Up


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in angie martinez, Brew Tube, lil kim, nicki minaj, shut up, STFU | Posted on 17-12-2010

Lil Kim popped by Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show to talk about –what else?– her one-sided “beef” with Nicki Minaj. Kim goes so far as to impersonate The Minaj and then admits she’d even do a song with her?

Oh Kim… what happened to you? When did you get so dangerously desperate? Guess she crossed desperation bridge the first time she left the house with a titty out


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Brew Music: Lil Kim Declares “Black Friday”


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew music, lil kim, nicki minaj | Posted on 25-11-2010

Lil Kim should really just be happy she can breathe through her nose and still feel her face and just eat a turkey leg like ery’one else is doing on Thanksgiving. But, instead, she continues to take shots at Nicki Minaj.

WHO THE FUCK WANT WAR??? I’m turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th. #LILKIMBLACKFRIDAYless than a minute ago via web

Now, she’s dropping a “Black Friday” track aimed right at The Minaj. There’s a looping snippet of it floating around on the innawebs and the full track is slated to drop tomorrow. This is really getting old Kimberly. But, anyway…take a listen.
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Nicki Minaj Fires Back [AUDIO]


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in lil kim, nicki minaj | Posted on 20-11-2010

Nicki Minaj is finally responding to Lil Kim’s shots. Ok, I should say she’s finally name-checking Kim cuz we all know she’s been taking a series of shots at the Little One without actually saying her name.

So, anyway, here’s the deal. Nicki gave an interview to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez and basically, The Minaj says Kim would be talking greasy about any hot lady rapper in the game at this point because she’s grasping for the spotlight. Nicki even goes so far as to bring Foxy Brown into the drama.

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Brew Tube: Lil Kim Fires At Nicki Minaj


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, lil kim, nicki minaj | Posted on 06-11-2010

Shots Fired, Son!

Lil Kim put in her best pair of RuPaul’s hip pads, shook out her leggings, tossed on a lace front, got a little liquored up, hit the stage in Nicki Minaj’s hometown (Queens) last night and let her real thoughts on the Minaj be known. The Queen Bee is pissed, son… so much that she had the DJ dig up her old isht to prove that she’s still hot. (*Picture that!*)
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