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Uncle Russy’s Got The Magic Stick!


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in I guess?, Magical Negro | Posted on 25-06-2009

During my internetz tomfoolery flipping for the day….I come across this ‘story’ right here . And after I finished puking all over my keyboard I started trying to figure this out.
Noemie Lenoir– face of flippin L’Oreal, Victoria’s Secret Model, ‘Actress’, all around hottie (okay, so I admit I have a girl crush) –playing tonsil hockey with the hip hop answer to Uncle Fester? SAY WORD?! SAY WORD, SON! (sorry…NY moment there). Then I started thinking…yo Uncle Russy keeps a DIME, doesn’t he? Let’s take a looksie, shall we?
Ex-girlfriend: former squatter, “model” and scorned woman Katie Rost. Her blog is a thing of beauty. If you have some time and brain cells to waste.. please go. Trust me.

Ex-girlfriend: fellow yoga enthusiast and ‘model’ Porchla.

And my girl Kreamora- she turned some ugly ass teeny-bopper ‘fashion’ into a damn empire. And was an actual model without ironic finger-quotes.

Mad respect for that!
While I am not naive enough to think that money and power are probably the attraction on the female end of things, I want to know why is Margie, the attractive and fit librarian, not good enough for this 52 year old man. And then I want to know why rich and powerful men, don’t hook up with rich and powerful women.. like maybe Uncle Russy can holla at Condi or something.

Or mix it up, and give King Queen Latifah some play

Orrr.. could someone just email me confirmation that Uncle Russy’s peen is platinum or something. I need SOME excuse for this!

I feel sick again..


Random: A Tuesday Sprinkle of Fairy Dust


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Magical Negro, Web Randomness | Posted on 02-06-2009

From the most magical of Negros…