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Brew Music: Mariah Carey & Miguel – “Beautiful”


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew music, mariah carey, Miguel | Posted on 06-05-2013

Mariah Carey and Miguel

The Princess of Butterflies and the Duke of Follicles have teamed up for a little duet, “Beautiful.” Take a listen.

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The video will debut this Wednesday on American Idol.

You dig?

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JLo wants beef +What’s Brewing?


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew bits, jennifer lopez, mariah carey, What's Brewing | Posted on 06-02-2013

The devil really does wear Prada! Word on the curb is that our favorite Latina rump shaker is ‘shaking the table’ when it comes to Mariah Carey. Jennifer Lopez is reportedly giving Nicki Minaj tips on how to irk the ish out of Mariah Carey. Carey and Minaj have been going back and forth since signing on for the show. The rest of the story and more in today’s ‘What’s Brewing” report for idv8radio.com!


Weight Loss Ads: Sucking The Life Out Of Our Divas


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew commentary, janet jackson, Jennifer Hudson, mariah carey | Posted on 27-12-2011

Remember when singers just sang? Maybe they wrote a few songs too, or sold a perfume at the CVS, and perhaps acted in a few movies but nothing really overshadowed their singing and hopping around on stage? Those days are over, thanks to the need to have 5,6,7,8, 50-11 sidehustles. It’s not enough to put out a good product. Nope, because folks just aren’t buying it anymore. We’re illegally downloading it, sharing it and watching the concert highlights on YouTube, all for free-99. It’s really hard out here for a diva, it would seem. Enter: the weight loss commercial. If you haven’t had a smash hit in years, you can lose some el-bees and #BAM, career’s back at 100 (or a good 85). Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey and, now, Janet Jackson have all discovered the formula. One is wailing with her former curvy self to show the beauty of Weight Watchers. The other dusted off the wardrobe from the Honey video for Jenny and the latter, is going for the more reasonable, I’m just eating better approach (oh, she has a book too) for Nutrisystem.
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Shots Fired! Mariah Carey & The Kardashian Wedding


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, mariah carey | Posted on 09-11-2011

Don’t say nothing bad about Miss Mimi’s Marriage! During her “Look at me, I’m skinny again” tour for Jenny Craig (she’s the new face of Jenny), Mariah Carey was asked by Gayle King about her Barbara Walters interview, in which she said she trusts her husband, Nick Cannon, “sometimes.” Mariah said her response to Barbara proves they have a real relationship… and, she wasted no time in taking a subliminal shot at that sham of a union between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.
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Celebrity Concern Letter: Mariah Carey


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Celebrity Concern Letter, Celebrity Letters, mariah carey | Posted on 27-08-2011

Dear Mariah Carey Cannon,

I have questions and concerns. First off, it looks like you’re actually wearing sneakers with this sweat suit. Your appropriate choice of footwear confuses me. Who are you? Are you the same woman who showed off how she Stairmasters wearing stilettos? I want that MiMi back, I have invested way too much time in accepting your ridiculousness for you to turn into Mom-Mi, all reasonable and grown up and ish. What the junk?!

I mean I guess the good news is clearly you have become a dawg (apparently the NY’er in me doesn’t pronounce that word “correctly”. Whatevers!) hoarder!

I seriously hope your happiness hasn’t wiped your awesome wackiness away.  Normal is so…boring!


PS, can you get back into the studio so you have some music to do some um.. ‘dancing’ too?  Thanks!

THAT'S my girl!