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Hot Chocolate: Charles Michael Davis


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in brew bits, Hot Chocolate, Men We Love | Posted on 23-10-2013


My name is Elphie and I like Teen TV.   Sure, the mindless soapiness take the edge off of a rough day, dudes like this certainly don’t hurt.

Actor Charles Michael Davis (@CharlesMD), has had guest stints on “The Game” and “Grey’s Anatomy”.  He currently co-stars in the supernatural ensemble, “The Originals”  the “Vampire Diaries” Spinoff on the CW (which stands for Closet -TeenTV-Watcher).

The New Orleans based show, is about Vampires, witches, and revenge; basically a bunch of fine mickey fickies, doing dastardly deeds- some with panty dropping British accents, but ..this one right here though… (Hood Hand clap for emphasis) this one right here… is my fave.

If these things matter to you, 34 year old Charles is of African American and Filipino descent.  He hails from Dayton, OH and started out as a mottel– as one with abnormally good looks usually does. Yadda yadda yadda, here are some pics!



Lawd, this man’s smile makes my lady parts bogle.



Men We Love: Key & Peele


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, Key & Peele, Men We Love | Posted on 24-10-2012

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele

If you aren’t watching Key & Peele on Comedy Central, then, well, you ain’t living right. Now in its second season, K&P picks up where The Chappelle Show unceremoniously left off. The show stars comedic duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele who mix irreverent humor with critical observations about things you’re probably thinking about… like, why do athletes have some of the most botched names? But, more on that later.

You may remember them from MADtv and appearances on RENO 911!. Much like The Chappelle Show, each episode begins with Key and Peele introducing the sketches to the audience and then weaving a little stand-up between each of the clips. They are probably best known for Key’s character, “Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator,” who says everything you really wish President Obama could say. Even Obama has said the sketch was some “good stuff.” See…the President has time to watch… so should you. Here are a few of their best clips.
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Men We Love: Cullen Jones (@Cullen_Jones)


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Cullen Jones, Men We Love, Olympics | Posted on 29-07-2012

28 year old Cullen Jones is an Olympic gold medalist cutie swimmer for Team USA (yes, that’s an official title). As part of the 2008 American team, he holds the world record in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay (that is, until NBC updates its tape-delayed coverage…I won’t be the spoiler).

The Bronx native (now reppin’ for New Jersey) nearly died as a child at a water park after his inner tube flipped over. He couldn’t swim. His mother enrolled him in a swim class the following week. That incident fueled his passion to teach other kids (especially black children) to swim. Above his personal accolades in the water, Jones is a good dude because he stands as a role model. He’s using his name and sports fame to help kids overcome their fear of water. Jones helped a million children learn to swim as part of the Make A Splash Initiative. Brew Beauty Tamron Hall sat down with Jones to talk about the importance of teaching kids how to swim (and, yes, she is wearing a bathing suit in this piece, pervs).

About 70% of black children don’t know how to swim. Jones is doing his part to get our kids feeling safe in the water. And for that… he’s a man we love!

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Dudes We Love: Les Twins


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in male dancers, Men We Love | Posted on 29-05-2012

So, I was watching some clips of  2012′s answer to Lola Falala, Saint Beyonce of French Coffee Stockings.  [SIDE NOTE: I swear if I just proclaim to be a fan can a sista get ONE negro female musician NOT in a onsie, who doesn't gyrate and whip her blond (non afro) Brazilian back and forth who we laud for her 'work ethic'.  You know who has a work ethic? People who hold down regular arse day jobs as they persue 1, 2nd and 3rd degrees-- where's their parade?!--  Eh, sure her voice is fine, can be lovely even. I personally just need DIVERSITY! There is room for the Queen of soulfree soul stylings and someone else on the other end of the spectrum. There's totally room! I mean St. French Coffee totally seems like a sweetie pie. But, come on, yo! Ahh...that's a different blog for a different day.  Stand down, Stans.]   Anywhoo, while watching 12 seconds of her concert in Atlantic City, I was distracted by the limbered fro’d doubles flanking her.  Did some GooGoo© (Ghetto Google) and behold:  Les Twins!

Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, popularly known as “Les Twins” or Larry ” Ca Blaze ” Bourgeois and Laurent ” Lil Beast ” Bourgeois, are a hip hop dance duo originating from Sarcelles, France. BRUTHA’S FROM FRUNCH, HEY NOW!

The twin brothers who are of Guadeloupean descent (Guadeloupe, F.W.I.), are known worldwide for their talents in New Style dancing. Although they can be seen dancing as a duet, they are also a part of a larger crew known as Criminalz Crew, a group with a variety of dancers that range from b-boys to other new style dancers such as themselves… They come from a very large family with 18 siblings, (LE PARENTS GOT IT L’IN!) and only 9 of whom dance.

The cutie pie Le Bros also get their Mottel on, why waste all that purdy?


*(I’mma give St. French Coffee‘s people mad kudos for dragging Tricky out and shoving in him in front the mic. Viva The ’90s!  But wonders how Sean de Paul feels about that replacement. heh.)


Men We Love: Chef Roblé Ali (@ChefRoble)


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in bravo, Men We Love, Roblé Ali | Posted on 01-01-2012

To say that I’m going to quit watching reality shows or trash TV in the new year would be a total lie, so I’m not even going to fake like I’m planning to lock myself in a room and read “War and Peace” three times. But, if you are among the resolution-makers who have promised yourselves that you’ll consume less trash in 2012, add Chef Roblé & Co. to your TV menu. You won’t be disappointed.

It seems very rare to find a genuinely positive reality show these days, especially one with a largely black cast that airs on either VH1 or Bravo. Yeah, I said it. Finding a show where the main character doesn’t chase a ball, knows how to make his subjects and verbs agree, didn’t just get out of prison and doesn’t rap full time is like finding a little nugget of gold in the TV Guide. Roblé Ali is a trained chef of Somali heritage from Houston, TX (by way of Poughkeepsie, NY) who quit his gig to start his own catering business. His big sister, Jasmine -a single mom who uproots from the South to help her brother- runs the shop with two fab-u-lous brothas who run the front-of-house business. His absolutely gorg model girlfriend even steps in to help serve food when a waiter goes AWOL. There are 4 other cooks who help manage the kitchen, including a young man who’s turned his life around that Roblé now mentors and a fierce caublinasian lady baker who makes a mean peach cobbler. The team cooks for everyone from celebs like Matisyahu, Kandi Burruss and Vanessa Williams, to annoying kids and a dog wedding. You can tell they all love what they do and that Roblé is pretty much making love in that kitchen!
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