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Propranolol Half Life

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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Obama Is “Team Mike Vick”


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Barack Obama, Brew News, michael vick | Posted on 27-12-2010

President Obama is riding the Michael Vick bandwagon. The President called Jeffrey Lurie –the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles– and congratulated him and the team for giving Vick a second chance after his prison stint for dogfighting.

NBC’s Peter King says Lurie told him that “the president was passionate about the fact that it’s rarely a level playing field for prisoners once they leave jail. And he said the message was, what the Eagles had done with Vick was important for society.” Um, okay, I’ll agree with the prez but you can’t just go hiring prisoners all willy nilly and such. Anyway, critics say (cuz they always got somethin’ to say) that Obama’s call should have come a year ago when the Eagles first signed Vick.

Meanwhile, a White House spokesman now says the President called Lurie in the first place to talk about using alternative energy at Lincoln Financial Field, where the Eagles play, and Vick came up during that conversation. Sounds like there’s some damage control going on there…darn PETA people…

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Michael Vick-toria Secretions…..


Posted by admin | Posted in michael vick, playgirl, victoria secret | Posted on 23-02-2010

Looks like  Playgirl wants your boy to drop his pannie draws in return for a $1 million dollar donation to PETA……. I’m sayin, I’d look…..

Would $1 million entice Michael Vick to pose for Playgirl?

The magazine, which highlights nude males, offered the Eagles QB $1 million — that it claims would be donated to the animal-activists group PETA — if he agrees to a pictorial.

Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio told Life and Style magazine:

” I sent the request to Michael Vick on Wednesday. But we haven’t heard back yet. I figured he paid back society for dog fighting, but what about the animals?

“This way he could donate a large sum to PETA and all he’d have to do is pose for the magazine! It’s kind of a win-win situation!”

Vick served a 20-month sentence for a federal dogfighting conviction before joining the Eagles last August.

He has since been working with the Humane Society of the United States to inform children about the dangers of the bloodsport. — Sean Leahy



Mike Vick Wins Courage Award


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in michael vick, NFL | Posted on 24-12-2009

Some good news for baller Michael Vick.

Vick won the Ed Block Courage Award, voted on by his teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles, months after his return to the field. Vick took a shall we say “hiatus” for 18 months in a federal prison for running a dog fighting ring.

The vote among Vick’s fellow Eagles was unanimous. The Ed Block Award honors players who show commitment to sportsmanship and courage. Each of the 32 NFL teams selects a recipient.

Naturally, the PETA people had something to say:

The Philadelphia Eagles fumbled when they gave Michael Vick the Ed Block Courage Award, which was named after a man who advocated in behalf of abused children. Michael Vick should not be the person anyone points to as a model of sportsmanship, even though he has now exchanged dogs for touchdowns after serving time for extreme cruelty to animals. We wish him well in educating others, but this is not appropriate and does not mark a joyous moment in NFL history.

Vick has taken his anti-dog fighting message to schools through his work with the Humane Society. As an avid dog-lover, I hate what Vick did. But at some point, you have to move on, right? So, when will PETA follow suit?


PETA’s Boy Talks To Kids About Dog Fighting…..


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in michael vick | Posted on 08-12-2009

He seems sincere in what he’s saying, at least to me anyway. But alas I’m certain there are still people who would rather see him bent over with a Jeep Wrangler shoved up his ass……… Oh well Vick, can’t please everyone…..


Will You Watch?: Michael Vick Reality Show


Posted by Piper from the Brew | Posted in michael vick, will you watch | Posted on 08-10-2009

Michael Vick is getting his own reality show. BET is adding him to the list (which includes the Emmy winning shows Frankie & Neffe and Tiny & Toya).

The LA Times reports that his eight-part reality show is slated to air early next year. The series is tentatively titled “The Michael Vick Project.” It will highlight his comeback to the NFL.

Producers say this will be more like a docu-series and not a reality show like that crap T.O. Show. “The Michael Vick Project” will also showcase his efforts to mend fences with his lady and his kids.

So, will you watch?