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Oprah: M.I.A. in D.C.


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in brew bits, michelle obama, Oprah | Posted on 22-01-2013

Oprah Winfrey Joins Obama On Campaign Trail
As I watched the inauguration coverage yesterday, there was one BIG thing missing, The Big O. WHERE. WAS. OPRAH? Now I know everyone doesn’t have to support Barry O – BUT back in 2009 Oprah couldn’t get enough of the President and First ladyyyyyyy *in my Oprah show voice*. Back then she did the whole smothering, mothering, clasping hands thing with them …. you know how she does when she looooveeessss someone?

She gave big loot and she campaigned. This time around: le crickets. She did interview the Obamas for the October 2012 issue of her magazine, but she also sat down with The Romneys. And, depending on which rag you read the TV mogul is either trying to give the Obamas space to shine or Michi O can’t stand Oprah’s big arse! I’m sure it’s not that serious, but I do believe there’s something there. Especially since we all know Auntie Oprah gets mad passionate about her friends. Yep, this Chicago clique ain’t clicking. Stay tuned…




Brew Quotes: Congressman Says Michelle Obama Has A Phatty


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Quotes, michelle obama | Posted on 21-12-2011

Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner was overheard at Ronald Reagan National Airport today, loudly blabbing on his cell phone about an anti-Michelle Obama encounter last month at an Episcopal church auction (of all places). A source tells Mediabistro that Rep. Sensenbrenner was overheard saying a woman at the auction approached him and began praising First Lady Michelle Obama. Sensenbrenner shut down that noise by telling the lady:

“She lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.”

Sensenbrenner reportedly “stands by” other remarks he made at the event, though he’s offered no comment on the bootygate remark.

Judging from Sensenbrenner’s picture, he won’t be mistaken for being manorexic any time soon. And clearly, he’s missed her point to eat less, move more and splurge in moderation!

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Brew Health: Beyonce & The First Lady Want To Get You Bodied


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Beyonce, brew health, michelle obama | Posted on 10-04-2011

If Beyonce tells you to do something, you’d better drop down low and hit the flo’ with it or pat your weave with the quickness because Queen Carter don’t play. She’s hoping her catchy jingles will help kids get in better shape. Beyonce joined forces with First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign to fight childhood obesity. She re-wrote the song “Get Me Bodied” (well, somebody re-wrote it…I dunno) and her choreographer put together new steps for kids to get moving!
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Brew Tube: Michelle Obama Cuts A Rug In India


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, Lady O, michelle obama | Posted on 06-11-2010

First Lady Michelle Obama is accompanying the President on his trip to Asia this week. During a stop in India, the FLOTUS got her Cha Cha Slide Bollywood on with a group of kids.

I love huh! I bet she dips it low in the White House. Oh come on, you know you think it too sometimes.

Image: AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade
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Brew Bits: Paul McCartney Serenades Michelle Obama


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew bits, Lady O, michelle obama, Paul McCartney | Posted on 03-06-2010

President Obama might want to keep an eye on Paul McCartney. McCartney received the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song during a ceremony at the White House yesterday and during his performance, he serenaded the First Lady with his song, “Michelle.”


Obama should have tossed him one good stink eye though. That totally would have made my morning.

Photo: AP/Alex Brandon