Is Propecia Safe If You Are Trying To Have A Baby - Mens Health (Finasteride), Is It Better To Start On Propecia Then On Rogaine

Is Propecia Safe If You Are Trying To Have A Baby

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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Brew Beauty: Manicures for Obama


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Barack Obama, Brew beauty, minx, Nails | Posted on 13-10-2012

Minx expert, Natasha Ray, and client

What’s better than a $5 manicure, cocktails and happy hour food? Tell me, what’s better, huh? I’ll wait…

Friday night, I had the chance to partake in all three at the “Polished Professionals” NailPros4Obama event at Washington, DC’s Policy Restaurant and Lounge. A team of manicurists did $5 Minx manicures and polish changes, and $25 mini-manicures. All of the proceeds went to Obama for America. I got my nails painted a pinky-red by Bernadette and my Minx fabulously laid by International Mix Trainer, Natasha Ray. The best part: the Minx –which were designed by nail artist Indigo– were Obama-inspired, so you could pick from a decal of the President’s face or the more subtle rising “O” Obama logo, or a simple American flag.



I opted for the subtle O’s which matched my polish. This is my second experience with Minx, so I know it’ll last about a week and some change, which is great for 5 bucks.

A classy affair, a great way to support your candidate and the cheapest manicure I’ve ever had. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events or to find out how you can get an Obama Minx manicure.
Taste The Brew for a few snaps from the event


Minx Nails: A Brew Review


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Beauty, Brew Review, minx, Nails | Posted on 27-08-2009

Two weeks ago, we told you about the Minx nail coverings. And being ever so much the guinea pig for my peoples (read: YOU), I bit the bullet and splurged on myself for the first time in a LONG time (darn recession). I’ve wanted to try Minx for the better part of a year anyway so, I figured, why not? I can eat soup for a few days…it won’t kill me. Plus, my Brewchies need to be kept in the know! Wonder if I can get a tax write-off for this public service?

Anyway, I went to the Minx website and found a local salon that offers the service. Turns out, the salon is MOBILE, as in, they come to YOU! That’s right up my alley because I’m lazy (acceptance is the first step to recovery, right?) and I enjoy a good pampering session. Even better if it’s in MY house.

I e-mailed the spa on a Friday night and, poof, by Monday night I was getting my nails & toes ‘did’ in the comfort of my living room in front of the flat screen. Ah…the life!

(Click Taste The Brew to read the rest & see pics…)
So, here’s the deal with Minx. You pick your colors (they’re on a sheet) and there’s LOTS to choose from. I opted to keep it semi-corporate on my nails and go a little wild on my feet (if you can call GOLD nails ‘corporate,’ that is).

The process is super easy. It’s all done under a light so the Minx stickers will adhere to the nail. That part kinda made me feel like chicken wings under a heat lamp though. But, you’re not under the light forever. Be warned though…don’t have grungy feet when you get this done. Since it’s a sticker, you can’t soak your feet first like you would for a normal pedi. I did miss that part of the relaxation experience but the lotion massage at the end made up for it.

The toe application process was really fast. Kendra, the manicurist, even got the Minx to stick on my teeny, wonky pinky toe nails! Props to her for that! The Minx’d toes can last up to a month before they start peeling off.

Now, onto the nails! This part took a little longer. As with the toes, you have to shape the stickers to fit your nail bed. My toes were faster to fit than my nails. I suspect, if you’re a hand model or something then the stickers probably fit perfectly. But, I’m no type of model so mine required some shaping to fit. The nails can last 5-10 days (sometimes, longer depending on how active you are with your hands).

All in all, I LOVE it (the toes, especially). It’s so much fun to look down at my feet and see metallic animal print looking back at me! Reowrrr!

The nails took a bit more getting used too. The edges can pucker a little. You can remedy that a bit by actually running a blow dryer over your nails periodically to make them stick. I also used a soft file to catch any edges that started to feel rough. By Wednesday night, there was a teeny bit of peeling on the tips of a few nails, but it’s hardly noticeable.

You can bathe and wash your hands as normal, of course. But you should wear gloves if your hands will be in water too long. (But that’s why we have dishwashers, right?) It’s also recommended that you not use oils too much. But I always oil down after the shower (TMI?), and still do. And, of course to keep the ash-away, I still use hand lotion throughout the day with no problems.

They’re easy to maintain… plus, there’s no need to wait for anything to dry like with normal nail polish. I’ve TONS of questions & compliments about what’s on my nails. But, as with anything new, easy or fancy… there’s a price tag. The pedi was $60 and the mani was $45. You definitely get a service by going the ‘mobile’ spa route. Perhaps it’s cheaper other places but I was impressed with the idea of having it done at home and with totally sanitary tools.

This is an occasional splurge for me, for sure. I am eager to try new colors though. I see these have finally made their way to eBay! I might have to jump on that (you know, it is a recession and all).

Anyway, here’s the finished product on day one…

And by day three with a teeny bit of puckering at the tips…

If you’re in the DC-Metro/Baltimore area and want more info about New Day Mobile Spa*, click here.


Witches’ Brew does not endorse, advertise or hold any stake in New Day Mobile Spa.
In other words, don’t bug us if you’ve got an issue!


Brew Beauty: Next Big Thing


Posted by admin | Posted in minx, Nails | Posted on 11-08-2009

Don’t you hate being the last person to know about a beauty trend? (Psst, them fangawaves you are walking around with, are not the bidness.) But, I digress. So, from the Brew to you, The next new thing in manicures are Minx nails.

These decals are not a polish but a ‘space aged polymer’, that is applied via heat lamp or blow dryer. They come in a ridiculous amount of patterns, though the best are definitely the metallic. Who wouldn’t want their toes shiny like this?

(Unless you’ve got the crusty hammer toe, take care of that bidness first, Boo Boo).
Don’t believe me, ask Miss Celie. Check out the entire process on Beauty Snob.
Find a salon near you.