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Strength Of Zovirax Over The Counter Cream In Ireland

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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Brew Tube: Don’t You Hate It When You “Sext” The Wrong Person?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, penis text, WTF? Files | Posted on 09-02-2011

Like many kids, 9 year old Ty’Ge Davis has a cell phone as his “security blanket,” so his family will know he’s okay before and after school. Well, his security blanket was just violated by a sexytime text message that would make Chris Hansen salivate. A man sent a photo text message of a couple getting real oral on a couch. When Ty’Ge texted the number back to let the person know he’s only 9 FRIGGIN YEARS OLD the perv gave him one helluva response.

Let’s go to the video…

So, there were no other photo options for displaying the couch, huh? Perhaps this guy was trying to show the versatility of the sofa and all that you can do on it, besides sit?

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What’s Brewing?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in amber rose, brew bits, brewshyt, essence, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, penis text, reggie bush, sandra bullock, Snoop Dogg, What's Brewing | Posted on 17-03-2010

Here’s what’s brewing for some of yous…

For the rest of yous, enjoy a little gossip news:

Sandra Bullock “blind sided” by hubby’s cheating? – The Superficial

Sexting Can Put You In Jail – Huffington Post
Reggie & Kim: It’s A Wrap? – Bossip

Mikki Taylor leaves Essence, sorta – The Glamazons

Snoop Does Letterman’s “Top 10” – KidduNot

Amber Rose lets her thighs breathe – Mrs. Grapevine

Lady Gaga Is “Poison For The Minds Of Kids” – the.Life Files


What’s Brewing?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew bits, brewshyt, Jersey Shore, John Travolta, octomom, Paula Abdul, penis text, Tyra Banks, What's Brewing | Posted on 26-01-2010

NBA’s Greg Oden shows his peen… but is it a mouthful? – YBF 
Octobabies turn 1… mom is still cray-craySoSoJuicy 
South Carolina Republican regrets calling poor people “stray animals” – CNN 
John Travolta swoops in to save Haiti – Dlisted 
Paula Abdul gets a job? – Hollywood Gossip 
Trapper John, MD dies – PopEater 
Tyra Banks is looking for some thick chicks – Bossip 
Guidos want more $$$ from MTV – Crunk + Disorderly

Protect Your Penis Texasesss


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in iPhone, penis text, poon text, tech talk, text messages, texting while stupid | Posted on 23-12-2009

A new iPhone app has your future political career in mind.  It’s called “Safe Sexting” and it allows you to send pics of your nether regions and other bits, but covers up the nasty parts… so those pics don’t come back to haunt you when you’re….sayyyyyy, about to star in a Disney movie or run for mayor of Detroit or sumthin’.
Apparently the folks at Apple think sexting is so serious that they needed to approve this app. Actually, some 30% of 17 year olds say they’ve received a sext (nasty asses). 15% of all teenagers have gotten a sex text.

So, here’s how Safe Sexting works…

  1. Download the app.
  2. Open the app and you’ll see 4 options to censor your pic.
  3. Select from the Small Box, Large Box, Head Box and a semi-transparent Red Silk. 

4.     Take picture.
5.     Send the picture.

Easy enough, right?
And if all else fails, there’s actually a friggin’ sexting PSA to help you clueless kids out.

But, seriously, if you can’t see the peen, what’s the point? You’ve already been imagining what the thing looks like anyway.

Brew News: Kwame In Trouble Again?


Posted by Piper from the Brew | Posted in Brew News, court, kwame kilpatrick, penis text | Posted on 08-10-2009

Kwame Kilpatrick, ownlee eue would find your name in the headlines… again!

The former Detroit mayor says he’s cleaned up and is on probation in Texas. But, he’s got 10 days to show and prove. Kilpatrick must hand over financial records to prosecutors who claim he’s violated probation and is hiding money that should be in Detroit’s coffers.

Since being booted from the Motor City, Kilpatrick has been working as a health care account executive in Texas. But, he’s been seen driving in a Cadillac Escalade and living in a million dollar mansion. You know how we do!

Kilpatrick claims the Escalade was a gift. He’s supposed to be paying Detroit $6,000 a month toward a million dollars in restitution that he was ordered to pay back.

HipHopWired reports Kilpatrick will appear in court on October 29th.

See fellas, see what happens when you send those penis texases?