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Stripper Reality Show Coming To A TV Near You


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Reality TV, Strip Club Queens, Stripper Files, strippers, will you watch | Posted on 06-07-2012

You know, when I watch reality shows (as I often do… go on and judge me), the one thing I always say (to myself) is “there just simply aren’t enough good shows about wholesome strippers.” One show is about to change that. It’s called “Strip Club Queens” and it’s based at Washington, DC’s Stadium strip club. The show is set to debut this fall but, we’ve got a clip for you.
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Splitsville: Former Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Ed & Lisa Wu Hartwell


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in lisa wu hartwell, Real Housewives of atlanta, Reality TV, splitsville | Posted on 20-08-2011

Dammit. Latasha strikes again!

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member (and Keith Sweat’s baby mama) Lisa Wu Hartwell and her bubble bath giving husband Ed Hartwell have split! Apparently, a fan on NeNe Leakes’ Facebook page dug up the dirt that the couple have separated and, when asked, Lisa confirmed it in a tweet:

Sadly.We r seperated but wld NEVER b over money. That is so far frm the truth. Wish ppl cld respect ppl’s privacy during times like theseless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

Reality TV has a pretty solid record of blowing up marriages (or at least, it seems to magnify issues already within a marriage). Let’s see, former #RHOA wife DeShawn Snow split from her husband Eric. NeNe and Gregg are separated (but grandpa Gregg hides out in the basement) and let’s not even pull out the files on Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson, Carmen Elektra and Dave Navarro and the recent separation and subsequent suicide of one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ husbands.

Ok, now I’m sad.

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@EvelynLozada Writing Book Series Based On Her Relationship


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in evelyn lozada, Reality TV | Posted on 17-06-2011

There’s something to be said for that reality TV. It can turn an okay country singer into a footwear mogul or a NY “housewife” into a multi-millionaire skinny liquor peddler. Most reality TV stars never quite figure out how to harness their “fame” and wind up doing every other season of the Real World – Road Rules Challenge until they’re 48. But, that’s not going to happen to Evelyn Lozada. At least, not yet. She’s turned her 10 year relationship with Antoine Walker into stardom on Basketball Wives, and she’s not dating a basketball player nor is she a wife. Go figure!

In addition to her Dulce shoe store and her non-MF’n factor tees, Lozada is working on an earring line and she plans to write (well, somebody’s writing them) a series of novels called “The Wives Association.” The books will fictionalize some of her experiences as a basketball girlfriend but the stories will be told through her alter ego, “Eve Inez-Landon.” Evelyn says she kept journals during her relationship with Walker and recently stumbled across them and thought they’d make a great book series. #DING!

Surely, the next venture for this one will be a spinoff wedding special and then another spinoff about trying to get pregnant and raise babies. Miss Cleo told me so…

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@EvelynLozada & @Ochocinco Offered Reality Show?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Chad Johnson, evelyn lozada, Reality TV | Posted on 20-03-2011

Two weeks ago, we told you there was a rumor floating around that Evelyn Lozada wanted out of her Basketball Wives deal. Then, there were reports she wanted a substantial raise to stay on the show. Now, as predicted by this Witch (I so need to take this shtick to Vegas), TMZ is reporting Evelyn’s crafty back up plan is a new reality show just for her and her footballin’ fiancé Chad Ochocinco.

After rumblings started that Evelyn wanted off the show, E! executives reportedly approached her with a new TV deal. Does that mean Seacrest? I think he runs the ship over there like Dr. Evil. I picture him calling all the shots in a chair way too big for him with his feet never touching the floor.  Anyway… the show would feature Evelyn and Ocho living “the life” and I’m guessing as they plan their “wedding.” Not sure how they’re going to handle the location situation though, since Chad lives in the ‘Nati and Evelyn is still in Miami.

No word yet on if when those two will take the bait.

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Brew Tube: BoomKack Goes to E!


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Laurieann Boomkack Gibson, Reality TV | Posted on 04-01-2011

One of the few to escape the maniacal grasp of an association with PDiddlyDippyDoDadO’Plenty,  with a flourishing career, Laurie Ann Gibson has landed her own E! reality series. I realized I don’t mind reality TV when the subject actually has a TALENT of some sort to display.

For 15 years, Gibson has worked with artists ranging from Diddy to Alicia Keys, and has choreographed Lady Gaga’s music videos and her recent world tour. She’s also no stranger to TV fans, having broke through as a “Fly Girl” on the Fox series In Living Color, worked as one of the stars of MTV’s Making the Band, and was a judge on ABC’s recent Skating With the Stars. (But don’t hold that against her.)

Congrats, BoomKack! And don’t EVER try to do THIS again… m’kay?!

Laurieann Gibson – Addictive music video
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