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Brew Tube: Vivica Fox On Her Breakup


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, Slimm, Vivica Fox | Posted on 07-12-2011

Vivica Fox is opening up about her breakup with the club promoting and Double M-using Omar “Slimm” White. She tells Access Hollywood Live that she had the courage to end it after seeing the warning signs.

Hmmm… “make sure someone isn’t trying to marry you for a shopping spree.” #BAM. And there it is.

If it’s not working out, it’s okay to keep it moving and love ‘em from a distance (I still say she needs a nice, older guy who has no extra MMMMMMMs in his name).

*Ok, seriously, finding a picture to match the changes in her face was really exhausting, so I quit looking.
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Brew Quotes: Slimm On Why He Dumped Vivica Fox


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Quotes, Slimm, Vivica Fox | Posted on 03-11-2011

Times are hard on the boulevard. Vivica Fox still isn’t talking about her breakup (other than this tweet) but her former fiancé, Omar “Slimm” White is. He tells TooFab that he’s the one who dropped the ax on the relationship.

She’s a good woman, it’s just one of those situations where in life people outgrow each other. I’m highly intelligent, very wise and one thing I hate is negativity and drama, I hate arguing, and I value communication no matter what the problem may be. So as in any relationship, tension can build up and I finally had to walk away. I was only in it for love and it just didn’t work out. Even though she was older than me (Witch note: Slimm is 19 years Vivica’s junior) the age difference didn’t play a part.

This guy seems to like to go public about the goings on with his woman. Remember when he dumped her before -via a press release- and then retracted it the next day?

Furthermore… do smart people have to tell people they’re highly smart though? Isn’t that like having to remind people you’re classy?


Image via ATLPics.net

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Splitsville?: Vivica Fox & Slimm


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Slimm, splitsville, Vivica Fox | Posted on 02-11-2011

Is Vivica Fox back on the market? Word on the block is her engagement to and relationship with Atlanta promoter Slimm is over. The YBF reports Viv was all over Atlanta this weekend without Slimm (don’t forget, that’s two Ms, y’all) and her engagement ring. She didn’t attend his Halloween party either but she did manage to “Watch The Throne” without him. A source says their relationship has “been over.” Neither Vivica’s nor Slimm’s camp (he’s got a camp, I’d imagine) are talking. I like Aunty Viv. I want her to find a nice, of age dude who has nothing to do with the business or any hopes of using her to jump into the business. But anyhoodles…

Stay tuned…

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Brew Commentary: Aging Gracefully is Free


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in 50 cent, Slimm, Vivica Fox | Posted on 22-09-2011

Something seems really..."Tight"...

 Piper:  Vivica gives me the sads for the ladies,  she really does.

Elphaba:  Especially when you think she cannot be unhappy with her looks,  b/c she’s so ATTRACTIVE.

Piper:  Right! Goodness

 Elphaba:  And if she thinks that little of herself what about actual DOGS? What hope is there for them?

Piper:  And this young man she’s engaged to marry can’t think this is goot.  Fiddy is prolly like “damn lady, I feel bad for pushing you to this”

The Beginning of the End?

Elphaba:  I SO BLAME HIM!! It’s like she thought he was her last shot at EVERYTHING









Piper:  Everything…..

Sweet WJ, Blue Contacts were involved?

Elphaba:  happiness love, loving herself. THE FOCK?  A man cannot be what keeps you teetering on the brink  of  low self esteem and insanity.

But you know what? A 50 year old broad engaged to a man named SLIMM, marrying a man named  SIXX NINE.. SURRIOUSLY?

Piper:  Yeah you know what, EXACTLY! Her bad!

The Sixx-Nine's in Happier Times

Elphaba:  OH, OH and FIDDY…A GROWN MAN CALLIN HE’SELF FIDDY.  OMG, I’m officially an old woman!

Piper:  No, we are sensible and you just don’t marry/date mofo’s who go by nicknames..

 Elphaba:  Right as their name, in the skreets!  SIXX NINE?? And you aint got no record deal?  50, fine..fine..fine..it’s 50. In de club. But, huh?

Piper: Ain’t gonna lie, with that body Fiddy mighta got me  too, but 6’9???? no fucking way!

Caveman Fitness

 Elphaba:  lol!  Right, I’mma give you an evolutionary pass, for the workouts an’ such.   BUT SIXX—NINNE??? And now you’re literally 50 years old betrothed to a bamma named SLIMM WITH MULTIPLE MMMS??!

Piper:  LMAO!!!! I gotta be honest; it’s the 3 M’s!

 Elphaba:  like HUH?? I feel like he’s mocking me.  I mean are the extra M’s so we know he’s MMMMM GOOD?

The Future Slimmmmmmmm Family



Vivica Fox Engaged!


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Love N' Stuff, Slimm, Vivica Fox | Posted on 04-01-2011

Vivica Fox is a bride to be! Her rep confirms the the 46 year old actress got engaged to her 27 year old boyfriend, Omar “Slimm” White, over the holidays. The New York Post reports Slimm popped the question the day after Christmas in South Beach with an 8-karat ring. The two have been dating for just over a year. This will be Fox’s second marriage…remember, she was married to that dude Six Nine, 6’9”, whatever (why doesn’t she date men with real names? Is a “Michael” so bad?). Anyway, congratulations to them.  Viv told Wendy Williams she’s ready to procreate…so expect that announcement soon.

I bet Viv’s bridal registry is in a Cambodian village. Cambodian hair is the new black.

UPDATE: Here’s the gaudy ring…

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