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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss
Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Brew Quotes: Stacey Dash questions Bigga


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in Beyonce, Jay Z, Stacey Dash | Posted on 10-04-2013

Jay Z and Beyonce in Cuba
Ah lawd! So ‘actress’ Stacey Dash has some questions about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s recent anniversary trip to Cuba. So when they didn’t call her back, she took to where else? Twit for twats!

Poor Lil Tink Tink, she so does not want it with the #Beyhive!


Brew Quotes: Stacey Dash, “Authoress”


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Quotes, Stacey Dash | Posted on 07-11-2012

Stacey Dash is writing essays, y’all. The vocal Mitt Romney supporter fired off a 1300+ word manifesto? essay about her election thoughts and TMZ got its hands on it. She talks about how she voted for then candidate Obama in 2008, Romney’s brain for business and just why she voted for the Romney-Ryan ticket. And, she dabbles a little in the third person. Like ta read it…here it go:


The other day I woke up and watched my daughter sleep, so sound, so perfectly at peace. A thousand thoughts and memories flashed through my mind. I remember being a child of that age, with no concept of adulthood and the responsibilities we take on with maturity. Now I know the weight of those responsibilities, of being a parent, a working woman, and it frightened me.

As a single Mother my main concern is for providing for my children and myself. It is especially important to me that they have the opportunity to attend college. This is what I’ve worked so hard for. I have, like many other citizens of the United States, been worried and upset by the tremendous downturn in the economy, and the slow path to recovery.

I freely admit that presidential politics was not something I had much time for before the 2000 election. With Gore and Bush fighting out to the last hanging chad, it was an experience that made me turn even further away from politics.

Two wars and a recession later I became newly invested in presidential politics by Barack Obama. I voted for Obama in 2008…

At the end of the day (LAWD, I CAN’T STAND THAT CLICHÉ) we are in this together. This is Our American Family. I do not want to be a part of the hateful voices insulting each other. I want to be a part of the voices that helps shape the future. Don’t you? Perhaps I publically endorsed Romney from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones.

Wanna read the rest? Click here.

She ends it on an upbeat note. I’m still confused about her motives but whatevs, that’s the beauty of America. We all get a voice. I’m still putting her in Donald Trump’s prayer circle though.

Image via Twitter
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Black Twitter Drags Stacey Dash + What’s Brewing?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew bits, brewshyt, IDV8 Radio, Stacey Dash, What's Brewing | Posted on 08-10-2012

Black Twitter is not here for Miss Stacey Dash, plus KarryTheCoachBag is pretty pissed at Chris Brown. Those stories and more in our latest what’s brewing report for iDV8Radio.

Don’t forget to check out our fellow bloggers under the Brewshyt tab…there’s always good stuff there too!

Image via Twitter
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Brew Bits: So, A Lot Of Y’all Watched Basketball Wives and Single Ladies + Was Stacey Dash Fired?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Basketball wives, brew bits, single ladies, Stacey Dash, vh1 | Posted on 10-08-2011

VH1 earned its best ratings in more than two years, thanks to the antics of the drink-tossing Basketball Wives and the Queen Latifah-produced Single Ladies. The season three finale of Basketball Wives pulled in 4.6 million viewers, making it the network’s highest-rated show since May 2009. The first season finale of Single Ladies drew 3.3 million viewers.

Meanwhile, the innawebs are buzzing that Stacey Dash is out at Single Ladies. VH1 isn’t directly commenting on the rumor (only adding fuel to the talk), they’ll only say: “At this time, no casting decisions have been made for the second season of Single Ladies.” Remember that there was once a reported beef between Dash and co-star LisaRaye.

Stay tuned…

Images via VH1

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Brew Bits: Did Stacey Dash Flip Out On LisaRaye?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew bits, lisa raye, Stacey Dash | Posted on 09-05-2011

LisaRaye, the former First Lady of Turks & Kinkos Caicos, is reportedly dealing with an “issue” on the set of her new VH1 series, Single Ladies. Word is fellow actress Stacey Dash pulled a “Diamond” and popped-off on the set of the show, screaming “No, I ain’t coming back unless that b*tch [referring to LisaRaye, allegedly] gets her a** kicked!” A source says “It was an intimate dinner party scene so everyone was in cocktail dresses. Stacey was screaming and running around in thousand dollar Louboutins!”

Now, both of these King magazine type cover girl ladies are “of a certain age” in Hollywood (you know how work gets scarce eventually) and probably can’t afford to be labeled as “problem children” on the set. It’s not like scripted TV jobs drop from the sky everyday for blactresses. US Weekly reports that LisaRaye did not provoke the incident (y’all were thinking she did, right?) and sources have said that it’s Dash who is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs and very anti-social on the set.

All of this could simply be great publicity for their show, which premieres May 30th on VH1. It always takes a gimmick.

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