Does Viagra Make Penus Longer - Erectile Dysfunction (Sildenafil), Does Viagra Put Blood Pressure Up

Does Viagra Make Penus Longer

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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Brew Tube: Beyonce’s Super Bowl Rehearsal [SNEAK PEEK]


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Beyonce, Brew Tube, super bowl | Posted on 01-02-2013

Beyonce rehearsal

Not gonna lie… I’m a Beyonce fan. Not a stan, just a fan. There’s a difference. A big one. I appreciate her work ethic and some of her music makes me drop it like it’s hot lukewarm. She’s not, like, a role model for me or anything crazy. I appreciate her for what she is, a purdy lady whose yodels are on key. With that said, I’m actually more excited about her halftime performance than the actual game. I mean, seeing a good game is just a bonus for me since my team is at home on the couch, so I don’t really care much. BOWL, son! Anywho, here’s a peek at a couple of her rehearsals.
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Brew Rumor Mill: Beyonce to Perfom at Super Bowl


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Beyonce, Brew Rumor Mill, super bowl | Posted on 16-10-2012

Queen Mother Creole Warbler Beyonce Knowles has reportedly signed on to be the halftime talent at the Super Bowl. A “source” tells the Associated Press that Mrs. Carter will hit the stage in New Orleans on February 3, 2013. The official amazing announcement is expected tomorrow.

For the record, this news has a Witch………

Doing THAT at her desk!

UPDATE: And…it’s confirmed!

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Brew Quotes: Palin Would Deport Aguilera For Super Bowl Flub


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Quotes, Christina Aguilera, Sarah Palin, sean hannity, super bowl | Posted on 08-02-2011

UPDATE: Turns out US Weekly, us and probably a bunch of other sites were duped on this Palin story by a parody website called ‘SuperTuesdayNews.’ The sad thing is, the quotes were totally believable! Very crafty work people, verrrrry crafty. Hats off to you and your dupey ways…

Former vice presidential candidate and all-around WTF? face inducer Sarah Palin says she’d deport Christina Aguilera for botching the The Star-Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl Sunday night. Here’s what Palin had to say during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio program on Monday.

“Quite frankly, Sean, public figures must be held accountable for what they say. Here’s another case of an airhead diva going on TV, running her mouth off, sounding like a fool. She doesn’t understand something so basic about America, yet we’re supposed to tolerate her diva behavior? Americans can see through that, Sean. Unemployment is at nine percent, yet we have to suffer through a performance by a foreigner with a poor grasp of the English language? If I were president, I’d deport Ms. Aguilera back to wherever it is she’s from and give Amy Smart a call. I’m sure Ms. Aguilera is a very nice person, but I just think the American people deserve better than a demanding beauty queen who’s clearly in over her head.”

Side note: Aguilera was born in NY and raised in PA.

So lemme get this straight… SARAH… the woman who makes up words, can’t name a newspaper or magazine she reads and thinks she can see a few Russians at the local 7-Eleven is pulling Christina’s card for being an “airhead” and flubbing a couple of words in front of the biggest crowd ever? Really, Sarah? Really?

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Brew Quotes: Fergie Will Keep The Lady Lumps Under Wraps


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Quotes, Fergie, super bowl | Posted on 05-02-2011

Ever since Janet Jackson’s black-eyed-susans were put on display for the world to see back in 2004, Super Bowl organizers have basically banned women from performing during the halftime show…proving America’s fear of a black nipple. Anyway, tomorrow, Fergie and her Black Eyed Peas people will put some femininity in the game, so to speak. The Super Bowl higher ups have already told her there will be no nipple this year. Ferg says:

“It is a challenge because you want to give a little sex appeal but you don’t want to get into any trouble. So we’re very particular on the wardrobe. There will be no more malfunctions.”

I actually thought the hint o’teetay was a nice touch. Go figure.

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Dear Oprah: What An Awkward Moment


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in drew brees, Oprah, super bowl | Posted on 15-02-2010


Someone forgot to tip-off Oprah on her little index cards that Super Bowl champ Drew Brees has a birthmark on his right cheek. Watch as Oprah mistakes it for lipstick and tries to rub it off.