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Illegal Money & Stolen Weaves?: Lawsuits Aplenty For Basketball Wives


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Basketball wives, evelyn lozada, Tami Roman, vh1 | Posted on 26-12-2011

There must be a rush to file lawsuits before the new year in Miami. Two of the Basketball Wives are facing legal troubles. First, Evelyn Lozada is being sued for allegedly illegally receiving thousands of dollars from her ex, former NBA player and now broke Antoine Walker. Walker made about $110 million during his basketball career (not counting endorsements). He blew it all (ALLLLL) and filed for bankruptcy last year. Walker gave $560K to Lozada and one of the bankruptcy trustees in Walker’s case thinks the money transfer was an attempt to hide money from his creditors. Walker claims the money went to help Lozada pay bills. The trustee claims it went, instead, to funding Evelyn’s Miami store, Dulce. She claims she used her engagement ring to fund the store. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, Tami Roman is also being sued… over some hair weave. The owner of a hair company called Bella Dream Hair claims Tami’s “people” asked for some of the company’s product so Tami could try out the weave. But, instead, Tami launched her own product called Curls By Roman. In some of the ads for the hair, Tami is allegedly wearing the Bella Dream Hair weaves and passing it off as her product, so the owner of the company wants $500K from Tami.

Hope she doesn’t find herself Meeka’d.

Image via VH1
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