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Tech Talk: Microsoft Patents “Avoid Ghetto” Feature


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in GPS, Microsoft, tech talk, What's your call? | Posted on 08-01-2012

Are you allergic to the hood? Do you go out of your way to avoid hoodish areas when you’re Google mapping, Mapquesting or GPS’n your way through a new city? Soon, you won’t have to. Microsoft has patented what’s been nicknamed the “avoid ghetto” feature for its GPS-enabled mobile devices. If the block is hot, having a Microsoft GPS will help you successfully find a cooler location. Microsoft’s patent states that a route can be plotted for pedestrians to avoid an “unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is subject to harsh temperatures.” The “avoid ghetto” technology uses crime statistics and even weather data to calculate the new route. So far, Microsoft isn’t commenting on the feature.

Image via jimbobtheboss' Flickr

So, what’s your call, Brewchies? Is this offensive or a good idea?

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Tech Talk: Spydialer Takes Your Stalking Game To The Next Level


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in stalker check, tech talk | Posted on 04-11-2011

Don’t you hate it when you get a missed call from a number you don’t recognize but you’re too scared to call back because it could be a bill collector or that psycho fling from the past who you should have put on the do not call list? Enter: SPYDIALER. The website allows you to type in a cell number and actually HEAR the first 10 seconds of the person’s voice mail message. Spydialer secretly dials the number (go on, try it on your own cell phone before you start stalking folks… that’s what I did). Make sure you read the fine print though. Some phones may show the other person a missed call that could let them know they’ve been spydialed, but it won’t indicate who made the call.

Happy stalking!

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Things Negroes Like: Talkin’ To Pookie & ‘Nem


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in tech talk, Things Negroes Like | Posted on 24-08-2010

Our cousins really love chattin’ on the celly. (People don’t say that anymore, do they?) A new study finds black people talk on our cell phones twice as much as white people. The Neilsen study reviewed the phone bills of 60,000 people for a year (who’s turning over their bills anyway?) and came to the conclusion that black people talk an average of 1,331 minutes per month. Damn… and I just just switched to an unlimited plan. I’m totally behind the curve here. Anyway, the study found whites used their mobile phones for 647 minutes per month, making them the least Chatty Cathys by comparison.

Black people also get quite a thumb workout. We text more than our white homies: 780 messages per month, compared to their 566.

Researchers say the reason our folks use cell phones so much could be because fewer of us have landlines at home. The study also says women talk 22% more on our cell phones than men…probably, talking about them. Go figure!

The bigger questions here: why is big brother tracking how much we talk? And who are the Negroes calling so much anyway?

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If You’ve Got An iPad… You Need To Cover It


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brews gotta have gadgets, Gadget Gal, ipad, tech talk | Posted on 27-04-2010

If you’re one of the lucky (perhaps, fanatical) bunch who stood in line last weekend to cop yourself Steve Jobs’ latest gadget, then you need a cover to keep that puppy safe. Turns out, there’s an entire blog devoted to the hottest iPad covers.

Amazon sells an iPad accessory bundle that includes a cover for $29.95.

For the classy types, Padova sells this leather case for $209 (if you have any money left…).

I’m a fan of this one. It’s like some wild Jetsons type ish. It’s the bubble iPad sleeve from Hard Candy Cases ($49.95).

Substrata’s wood iPad case starts selling in June. No price on this one yet.

The BOOK for iPad ($89) is ultra classy and great way to disguise your investment (you know how these thugs roll today… if you wanna hide something, put it in a book!)



Tech Talk: Split Costs With Your Cheap Friends


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Blackberry, check please, Gadget Gal, Splitcosts, tech talk | Posted on 30-03-2010

No wonder America’s education system is going down the crapper. Now, we need an app that divides the bill when we go out for dinner with friends? I thought there was a calculator for that.

Splitcosts is an app for your Blackberry that quickly and easily divides your bill when the check comes. 20 different currencies are supported, so it’s not just for us Americans spending dollars (if that makes you feel better).

You can even take pictures of receipts and email them to the company accountant (ok, not if you’re spending it in the champagne room with Michael Steele though).

Click here to download Splitcosts for free. You know you wanna.