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Brew Music: Robin Thicke Covers Whitney Houston’s “Shoop”


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew music, robin thicke, whitney houston | Posted on 19-02-2012

Somewhere between rolling one up, lighting it and getting arrested for inhalin’, Robin Thicke managed to put a beautiful spin on Whitney Houston’s hit, “Shoop,” from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack (really, the weed jokes write themselves, don’t they?). Take a listen.

Lovely tribute. Are you feeling this version?

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What We Can Learn From Whitney Houston & Don Cornelius


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew health, don cornelius, whitney houston | Posted on 13-02-2012

The deaths of Whitney Houston and Don Cornelius have left many of us ready to speed into March and get this dreadful Black History Month over with already. After the initial shock and mourning, I started thinking about what can we really learn from the demise of these two great people. We Witches have reflected, fellow blogger Brooke Dean did a great piece today on Whitney’s life and dozens of Brewchies left their memories of Whitney on our Facebook wall all weekend. Our community will be grieving these losses for a long time. But, still, these deaths were weighing heavily on my heart, so I continued to look for the lesson (that’s sorta my thing, I guess).
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Whitney Houston, Valendoom’s Day and Other Pressing Matters…….


Posted by Piper from the Brew | Posted in whitney houston | Posted on 13-02-2012


So we lost Whitney, I was in my car Saturday night when the text messages started coming in, “Whitney Houston is dead”, “Whitney Houston died”.…… I dismissed the first one as pure foolishness, there was just no way this could possibly be true. Then I got the 3rd and the 4th text message and then I realized there was no way it wasn’t true. I kinda drove home the rest of the way in a haze. I, like millions of others have clowned Whitney’s shenanigans over the years, who wouldn’t I guess, I imagine even in the years to come, in spite of her death, people will defer to her infamous tragic moments. I remember the fresh faced girl with the lil pitty pat fro that came on the scene, so beautiful with that insanely awesome voice, I thought you had to weigh about 425lbs and be in a Baptist choir to own a voice of that magnitude but Whitney was about 110lbs wet, where was she housing the hefty woman??? Simply put Whit was the bomb! Whit IS the bomb! I’m sure I’m not the only one who saw billions of tweets and facebook stats “is anyone surprised?” and ‘I told you so!”….. UGH! yes we can all assume that struggles with drugs may likely result in a negative outcome but I was more than a little thrown off by everyone being a self proclaimed clairvoyant. “She was headed down this road, why is anyone surprised?”. Sometimes the internet really makes me wonder why the world is so effed up because 90% of internet posters carry on as if they’ve never made mistakes or made bad choices. I for one have and probably will continue to, sure my problem is not drugs but bad choices are bad choices and can be detrimental in the same way as narcotic abuse I suppose. Unlike the ” Itoldyasoer’s” , I can honestly say I DID NOT see Whitney dying, I saw her maybe still having some public struggles with things, still getting involved in antics to make us giggle and shake our heads at her and yes, still living enough to try to do better, like every one of us does everyday. 

On another note, that effin day is tomorrow, that effin day that that lil white muthaeffer in a diaper holding an arrow decided should be set aside for the lovers. To him I say, “Go head son, I ain’t even mad at you”….. You see every year I get annoyed about this day, well, because I am booless, but ya know what? Booless does not = loveless.  I am my own boo damn it! Besides, I date….. A LOT! and I have family and friends who love me to pieces, so instead of begrudging what I don’t have I’m gonna appreciate what I do have. So if I see that lil white fugger in a diaper tomorrow I’m gonna tongue kiss him, IT’S ALL GOOD! 

If you have a special someone in your life, enjoy him or her, if you don’t enjoy the day anyway. Take yourself out to dinner,  masturbate til you turn blue! treat yourself right! You is single, you is smart, you is kind, (you is hopefully attractive cause that makes this single shit a lot easier to swallow), you will be fine :)


Whitney Houston & @Tyrese? C’mon Son…


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Twitter, Twittervention, Tyrese, whitney houston | Posted on 07-07-2011

I read the rumor this morning that Tyrese and Whitney Houston may be canoodling, hunching, bumping uglies and whatnot. I gave it a strong witchly eyeroll and a whatever with no intention of blogging it… until, the Prophet of Tweets took to his Twitter to deny it.

Man if ya’ll don’t GTFOH w this dumb shit.. http://tinyurl.com/3dvpne4 Hahahahahaahahaa… #NEVER… I repeat.. NEVER..!!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

No disrespect .. I have never and will NEVER date Whitney Houston.. Can’t be serious.. Someone must be bored as shit.. #Stopitplzless than a minute ago via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

But, but, but, wait… it gets better. Then, spawn of the Princess of New Jersey and the King of Beantown hopped on her Twitter to slam Tyrese as if he isn’t worthy to hold Ray J’s boxers.

Lmao @ @Tyrese . . Damn it’s like tht?! Hah well to clear it up, TRUSTME, MYMOM WOULD NEVER. Hah #shesroyalty. Wouldn’t want em, noworries:)less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Royalty though? Man, days like this are manna from Heaven.

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Brew Bits: Prince OK With Whitney


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew bits, prince, whitney houston | Posted on 12-05-2011

The Purple nymph says he never banned Whitney Houston from his LA concerts. Word is someone in his “camp” said she was banned from the shows because she was embarrassing herself in the audience and on stage. Now, Prince says HE never banned her (and he is the head beech in charge). He’s gone so far as to invite her backstage and says “she’s always welcome 4 all of eternity.” (Until, she acts a fool, presumably.)

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