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Cease and Desist Order: Will & Jada….but mostly Jada!


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in Jada Pinkett Smith, will and jada, will smith | Posted on 24-04-2013

Let me start by saying that it really pains me to write this about one of the ‘first families’ because I truly like Will & Jada but *cracks fingers and types* for the love of White Jesus, Smithers, stop talking or typing… or thinking about talking or typing for like a month or six! I’m not sure where all this advice and self-righteousness is coming from as of late. I didn’t get why Will felt the need to remind people that he turned down Django because he flies above Jamie and ‘em, especially when nobody asked. And I don’t understand why Jada has to constantly remind people of their sessy times, their open, half-open, pinky-toe-in-the-door views on marriage, Willow’s whipped hair chronicles, or whether she and Will punish the squinty-eyed boy.
We get it Jason’s Lyric; your B-more real, and kind, and smart but that doesn’t mean you should turn into the Book of Faces’ Deepak Chopra! We already have Iyanla pushing her ‘teachings’ down people’s pie holes, so no new High Priestesses of Life need apply. I want to continue to admire Jada and Will from afar. I love that they have held it together, unbreakable and all that, so why not let me hold onto that admiration with a tight vice grip? The more she imparts these new age speakings the more I want to run far away or bash my head with my keyboard. This can backfire. Don’t believe me Smithers? Ask Gwynnie how all that lifestyle advice giving worked for her!

Remember, I beat you because I love you!


Brew Tube: Will Smith and Doug E. Fresh Flow For Gabrielle Union’s 40th Birthday


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, Doug E. Fresh, Gabrielle Union, will smith | Posted on 29-10-2012

Happy birthday to Gabrielle Union… she’s celebrating her 40th today and looking not a day over 21. *sucks a jealous toof* Over the weekend, Gabrielle celebrated at a packed party with her Bad Boys II co-star Will Smith and Doug E. Fresh. The hip hop legends spit a few bars (well, Will spit…Doug E. probably spit on the mic. I imagine that happens during the beating of the box) and they launched into “Summertime” and other hits.
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@MsTerryMcMillan Tackles The Smiths!


Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted in Brew Quotes, Jada Pinkett Smith, Terry McMillan, will smith, willow smith | Posted on 26-01-2011

@MsTerryMcMillian is my auntie in my head. She just keeps it real. She recently tweeted about child stars Willow and Jaden Smith. She said what a lot of people are already thinking:

There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

It must be so freeing to just say what you feel, no hands! You can tell people what you think about their nasty potato salad and their children’s pictures at the next family reunion. GROWN WOMAN ISH!


What’s Brewing?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in brew bits, brewshyt, elin, facebook blunder, Jada Pinkett Smith, sandra bullock, shaq, The Hangover, Tyra Banks, What's Brewing, will smith | Posted on 31-03-2010

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Holy Haircut, Batman!


Posted by admin | Posted in black hair, I Am Not My Hair, Jada Pinkett Smith, will and jada, will smith, willow smith, would you rock it? | Posted on 12-12-2009

Check out the new ‘do 9 year old Willow Smith is rocking.  She’s the ultra cute daughter of Will & Jada Smith.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this haircut is cute on say, a Kelis or a Rihanna, but a 9 year old?  Times (and parenting) have really changed.  I remember waiting a looooooong time just to get a chemical in my hair, much less a color or a funky haircut when I was a kid.

Is Willow’s hair hot or not?  Would you let your kid rock it?