Neurontin Kidney Infection - Analgesics, Anticonvulsants (Gabapentin), Neurontin Kidney Problems

Neurontin Kidney Infection

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Witches' Brew | White Jesus Approved Rss

Will You Watch?: Ryan Seacrest’s Show About White Female Rappers


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Ryan Seacrest, vh1, will you watch | Posted on 16-12-2013

Ryan_SeacrestRyan Seacrest is adding another position to the 50-11 jobs on his resume. He’s producing a docuseries for VH1 that will follow up and coming lady rappers. But get this, Girls in the Game will profile white female rappers as they try to make a dent in Hip Hop. It’s not clear just yet who the show will feature, but earlier this year, V-Nasty (best known as part of the White Girl Mob with Kreayshawn…or did they break up?… whatevs) said she’s been working with Seacrest on something that she wouldn’t divulge at the time. This will be just another in Seacrest’s reality show empire, which includes the Kardashian shows on E! and Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset and more. Seacrest recently sold 40 episodes of a kids game show to Nickelodeon as well. So he pretty much owns the teevay. There’s no air date yet for the new VH1 rap show.

So, are you checking for the struggles of white women who wanna rap?

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Will You Watch?: Bravo’s Blood, Sweat & Heels


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in bravo, will you watch | Posted on 29-11-2013

City Sisters - Season 1

Bravo is taking a break from serving up new housewife shows and is instead giving us a reality show about 30-and-40-something women making their way on the glitzy New York City scene. Blood, Sweat and Heels follows six women who are on the rise to power player status in publishing, fashion, entertainment and real estate without the help of men (read: basketball wives, famous baby fahvahs and things)… kind of like a remixed reality version of Sex and The City. Ya know, women with degrees who actually work!
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Kerry Washington and Eminem on SNL + Will A Black Woman Ever Get Hired?


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Eminem, kerry washington, Saturday Night Live, will you watch | Posted on 01-11-2013

Kerry Washington and Eminem

Kerry Washington and an unamused Eminem are host and musical guest, respectively, for tomorrow night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. She’s been making the rounds lately doing media appearances in billowy dresses and has yet to address her rumored baby on board. Perhaps tomorrow will be the night she does it. Or, better still, we can all just get up outta her womb so the baby has more room to grow. Anywho… check out the promos.

Meanwhile, SNL’s head man in charge, Lorne Michaels, was recently asked when he’s going to get around to hiring some black comediennes so Kenan Thompson can give dresses and pantyhose a rest. Here’s what Lorne had to say about that.

“It’s not like it’s not a priority for us. It will happen. I’m sure it will happen. You don’t do anyone a favor if they’re not ready.”

And there you have it. By the way, fewer than 10 black woman have hosted the show since its inception in the late 70s. So, Kerry makes history again.

So, will you be watching Kerry and Em tomorrow night?

Image via NBC/Saturday Night Live
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Will You Watch?: Janelle Monáe on SNL


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in janelle monae, Saturday Night Live, will you watch | Posted on 24-10-2013

Janelle Monae

Brew Beauty Janelle Monáe is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Fight Club and The Bourne Legacy actor Edward Norton hosts, but really, I’m just checking for Ms. Monae and wondering why she isn’t in this here promo, tho?!?

So, will ya watch?

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Will You Watch? Miley Cyrus Hosts & Performs on SNL


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Brew Tube, Miley Cyrus, Saturday Night Live, will you watch | Posted on 02-10-2013

Miley Cyrus SNL

Destiny Hope Cyrus (that is such a stripper name, right?) takes the stage this Saturday as host and musical guest on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Will Miley sing live? Will she appropriate “black culture” again? Will she twerk in a tofu costume like that other guy?

The possibilities are endless.

So, will you watch?

Image via Saturday Night Live
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