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Your Top Five Posts of 2013


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in 2013, year in review | Posted on 31-12-2013


It’s that time of year again when everybody is looking back, waxing nostalgic and talking about what they ain’t got time for in the new year. But, around these parts, we’re thankful for what you DID have time for in 2013. Here are the top five Witches’ Brew posts that you were checking for in 2013, according to our fancy counting machine on the Google.

5. That time Kelly Rowland closed the curtains on Keyshia Cole after Cole shaded the Destiny’s Child Super Bowl performance.

4. You all were just as shocked as we were at Diddy’s daughter flipping the bird on Instagram.

3. You rolled your eyes at R Kelly’s audacity to think he could escape his past during an epic fail of a Twitter chat.

2. You now know that Sway DOES NOT POSSESS ALL THE ANSWERS, thanks to Kanye!

1. Lastly, one of our most important posts resonated with you in a big way. In July, we shared the story of “Courageous Christy” Tucker Sims, the survivor of a domestic attack in Atlanta. It was our most clicked post of the year. Thanks for your contributions to her medical fund. If you’re still interested in donating, click here.

Thanks for your continued support of the Brew. Please keep sharing our posts, commenting and putting a like on it!

Image via Luminous Realities
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Brew Wrap-Up: 2012 Year In Review


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in 2012, year in review | Posted on 30-12-2012


I don’t know about you but 2012 was surely a year for change and growing more firm in my standards to become the woman I’m supposed to be (halleluyerrr). This year had some great highs and some clutch-ya-pearls lows. As the year wraps up, let’s take a look back at a few of the moments that made headlines.

Notable Moments
Obama Correspondents DinnerBarack Obama wins re-election
Poor Mittens
The Prince put a baby (or two?) in the Duchess
Mass shootings in Newtown, CT and other cities lead to new calls for gun control
Gabrielle Douglas whips her hair to Olympic gold
Hurricane Sandy can’t crush New Jersey’s spirit
Miami won a championship but Chris Bosh’s champagne shower is all I remember

Come Ups
here_comes_honey_boo_boo_a_hHoney Boo Boo…a dolla made her holla
2 Chainz… rapped about big booty hoes all the way to a Grammy nomination
That Fifty Shades of Gray lady
Sweet Brown. Everybody got time for dat.
Britney Spears…from bald headed bashing of cars to a paying TV gig. (UPDATE: Looks like Brit Brit is finna get fired!)
The Queen… frolicking with James Bond during the Olympics gave her some street cred
Frank Ocean. The kid is just nice.
Kristen Stewart cheated on her Twilight boo with her movie director, took the heat from millions of tweens then got back with her old boo like nothing happened.
Katie Holmes. Girl, yous free!
Khloe Kardashian Odum may not be the next Seacrest but she sure is becoming the anti-Kardashian (does she even make appearances with them anymore?)

Falls From Grace
gen-david-petraeusDavid Petraeus. If the head of the CIA can’t keep a secret, we’re doomed.
Amanda Bynes. Girl, go get you a driver!
Lance Armstrong…lost his Tour de France titles and his charity.
Clint Eastwood. The chair bit really tanked.
Gabriel Aubrey’s eye. That Frenchman knocked you the fugg out!
Jerry Sandusky finally got the chance to meet the Booty Warrior behind bars


People We Lost
Webster’s daddy (Alex Karras)
Phyllis Diller
Rodney King



Larry HagmanLarry Hagman
Ron Palillo, Welcome Back Kotter’s Horshack
Robert Hegyes, Welcome Back Kotter’s Juan Epstein
“Rescue Me” Singer Fontella Bass



Michael Clarke DuncanMichael Clarke Duncan
Ernest Borgnine
Selena & Desperate Housewives actress Lupe Ontiveros




Obit Andy GriffithAndy Griffith
Singer Jenni Rivera
Family Feud host Richard Dawson
Vidal Sassoon



Don CorneliusDon Cornelius
Charles Durning
Desperate Housewives & West Wing star Kathryn Joosten
General H. Norman “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf



Sherman HemsleySherman Hemsley
60 Minutes journalist Mike Wallace
Jazz legend Dave Brubeck
Joe Paterno



Dick ClarkDick Clark
Delfonics singer Major Harris
Davy Jones of The Monkees




Yvette WilsonMoesha & The Parkers star Yvette Wilson
Odd Couple star Jack Klugman
Director Tony Scott




Miss MelodieMiss Melodie
Jerry Nelson, voice of Sesame Street’s The Count
Director Nora Ephron




Donna SummerDonna Summer
Robin Gibb
Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys




Chuck BrownChuck Brown
Astronaut Sally Ride
Trammps singer Jimmy Ellis (“Disco Infernoooooooo!”)
Hector “Macho” Camacho



Etta JamesEtta James
Art “Mr. Food” Ginsburg
Blaque singer Natina Reed
Sen. Arlen Specter



Al Freeman JrAl Freeman Jr.
Gary Collins
Neil Armstrong
“Cosmopolitan” editor Helen Gurley Brown
Seriously, did everybody pick 2012 to die?



Just Go Away… Already
Donald Trump hairDONALD.J.TRUMP.
Katt Williams: back away from the pipe, sir
Chris Brown & Rihanna… it really isn’t nobodies business, must you make it so?
Kanye West & Kim Kardashian (see above)
PSY. I’m really over that horse dance. Really. I am.
Lindsay Lohan: 3 hots, a cot and detox, boo (and take your parents with you)


What’s On Your List?
Of course this list doesn’t have everything that went down in 2012. So, what tops your list of big events for 2012? Who do you want to see more of in 2013? Who should go away? What are your personal goals for the new year? Drop a comment in the box below.

Thanks for supporting us in 2012. We love our new Brewchies and our friends who have followed us since the beginning in 2009. Big hugs to everyone who bought some Brew merch this year too! It’s not too late to do that, you know? We’re planning new ways to reach out and touch you (in a non-pervy way) in 2013, so stay tuned for more events. Best wishes for a fantastic 2013.

Happy New Year, Brewchies!

Main image via Sony Pictures
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Brew Wrap-Up: 2011 Year In Review


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in 2011, year in review | Posted on 29-12-2011

As 2011 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the moments we’ll always remember and some we’d like to forget.

Notable Moments

AP Photo

Osama Bin Laden meets his maker
Japan’s earthquake and tsunami
A prince gets hitched
Arab Spring: Mideast & North African protests
Muammar Gaddafi is snuffed
10th anniversary of September 11th
Occupy Wall Street and everywhere else
Iraq war ends
Gabby Giffords’ amazing comeback
Beyonce gets knocked up, Twitter goes nuts
Lauryn Hill had another baby, but you don’t need to know who’s the daddy
Kim Jong Il kicks the bucket, countrymen pretend to mourn
Oprah rolled out

The Notorious Bunch

Charlie Sheen’s meltdown makes for some #winning TV
Casey Anthony walks
Michael Jackson’s doctor isn’t so lucky
Rick Perry flops… “oops”
Tracy Morgan opens mouth, inserts foot
Oh, Kobe! Why no prenup?
Herman Cain can’t keep it in his pants
Kim Kardashian pulls off a sham of a wedding, pockets millions
Anthony Weiner’s pecker cost him a job
Penn State. Just. Penn. State. Well, and Syracuse too.
Eddie Long settles after vowing to fight
JLo leaves husband #3

People We Lost

Amy Winehouse
Joe Frazier
Heavy D
Steve Jobs
Nate Dogg
Elizabeth Taylor
Clarice Taylor
M Bone
Patrice O’Neal
Loleatta Holloway
Jeff Conaway
Bubba Smith
Al Davis
Macho Man Randy Savage
Jack LaLanne
Peter Falk
Nick Ashford
Gil Scott Heron
Vesta Williams
Clarence Clemons
Sylvia Robinson
Betty Ford
Geraldine Ferraro
Fred Shuttlesworth
Jack Kevorkian
Christopher Hitchens
Andy Rooney

What’s On Your List?

This list doesn’t include all the happenings from 2011 (a Witch was multitasking). So, what tops your list of big events for 2011? Who don’t you want to see more of in 2012? Drop a comment in the box below.

Thanks for supporting these 4 Witches here on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter. And, a big thank you to everyone who bought some Brew merch from our store this year. It’s not too late to buy a mug and get on our good list. #shamelessplug

Best wishes for an awesome 2012. Happy New Year, Brewchies!

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Brew Wrap-Up: 2010 Year In Review


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in 2010, year in review | Posted on 26-12-2010

What a year! What a year?!?  Much of the hope that we felt as 2010 began was abruptly halted when thousands died in Haiti’s massive earthquake in January.  The year’s ups and downs continued with the BP oil spill and, then, the successful rescue of 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for more than two months.  As 2010 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at everything else in between…

Falls From Grace

Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long: sexual coercion lawsuits and talk of improper mortgage schemes led to the fall of one of the country’s most notable megachurch leaders. This guy couldn’t pray 2010 away even if he tried.

BP Oil: not that they were ever beloved, but the mishandling of the Gulf oil rig explosion put them on the fallen list so much that the President was looking to kick someone’s arse.

T.I. & Tiny

Democrats: they took a shellacking at the polls in November.

T.I. & Tiny: these two went from newlywed and ballin’ in a Maybach to writing jailhouse letters again in what seemed like a matter of minutes.

Lindsay Lohan: she’s been falling for years, but getting tossed in the slammer –and then rehab– was the cherry on top of a year of fail for the starlet.

Jesse James

Paris Hilton: the weed isn’t yours…neither is the coke or the Chanel bag. Poor thing, Kim Kardashian took all your shine…all that’s left is making headlines for drugs.

Jesse James: TV chop shop host cheats on Oscar-winning actress/producer with a low budget Nazi tattoo model? You can’t make this stuff up.

Mel Gibson: his career took a scuba dive in the sh*tter when recordings of his verbal assault against his babymamma hit the innawebs. Poor Mel, all he wanted was to be blown!

Lil Kim: her constant needling of newcomer Nicki Minaj is very un-queeny. If you’re supposed to be THE Queen B, a newbie buzzing around you isn’t supposed to even hit your radar.


Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy Pendergrass: crooner of baby-making jams who preferred the lights off

Leslie Nielsen: funny man who did not want to be called Shirley

Gregory Isaacs: reggae legend who needed a Night Nurse

Barbara Billingsley: the Beav’s mom, jive talker

Tom Bosley: Mr. Cunningham, “Father” who dug a good mystery

Lena Horne: timeless beauty, possessor of grace, did not enjoy stormy weather

Tony Curtis: actor, Jamie Lee’s dad, liked it “Hot”

Lena Horne

Lena Horne

Dr. Dorothy Height: civil rights legend, black family unifier, author, soror to many

Teena Marie: funkiest white girl in R&B, loved in Portuguese, has been here before

Lynn Redgrave: actress, Georgy Girl, sister to Vanessa

Rue McClanahan: the baddest Golden Girl

Gary Coleman: frequently wanted to know what Willis was taumbout

Eunice Johnson: purveyor of Fashion Fair & Ebony magazine

Ali Woodson

Corey Haim: a Tiger Beat favorite, lost boy

Dixie Carter: fiesty Designing Woman

John Forsythe: keeper of the Angels, Dynasty’s pimp daddy 

Alexander McQueen: maker of fashion fineries

Manute Bol: NBA baller, Sudanese activist

Jimmy Dean: sausage king


Ali “Ollie” Woodson: Temptation who treated ‘em like ladies

Andrew Koenig: Boner, friend of Mike Seaver

Diaperman: guardian of the funk

Guru: spitter of jazzy rhymes

Zelda Rubinstein: actress, communicated with the Poltergeist

Elizabeth Edwards: cancer champion, health care reformer, lawyer, devoted wife & mother

Come Ups and Comebacks

Michael Vick

Michael Vick: from the doghouse to the starting lineup. Is there a ring in his future?

Chilean miners: 33 men emerged from the darkness of being trapped in a mine for more than two months…one even had to pick between the wife and the side-piece.

Kanye West & Taylor Swift

Kanye West: a year ago, his name was “mud” after stealing that little country girl’s thunder at the VMAs. Now, he’s got the most critically-acclaimed album of the year. Kanye’s Comeback Plan.

Nicki Minaj: she’s won over a legion of “Barbies” with her spastic nursery rhyme raps. She’s the hottest chick in the game because she’s the only chick in the game (sadly).

Betty White: from commercials to movies and sitcoms, this Golden Girl was everywhere this year, proving you can still run with the big dogs…and lead the pack at 88.

Amber Rose: from stripper to arm candy to soon-to-be reality TV “star.” Yeezy taught her well.

New Orleans Saints: the team went from ain’ts to Super Bowl champs and put a city back together in the process.

Betty White

Chris Brown: Mr. Take You Down is putting the “beat down” behind him, passing domestic violence class and hopefully saying deuces to his childish ways.

South Beach: the hotspot where everyone is “taking their talents” these days, except, of course: Savannah’s wedding planner.

That WikiLeaks dude: briefly jailed then released to house arrest in a mansion isn’t so bad, huh? The world’s leaders are still shook by what Jullian Assange’s website will publish next.

Wigs: from lacefronts to colorful ones of the Kool Aid variety… your everyday basic brawd is channeling her inner Beyonce/Minaj/Rihanna these days.

Health Care Reform Law: signed in March but my bill went up 30 bucks. What gives, Mr. O? Anyway, it’s a big deal for the Obama Administration that will hopefully improve care for all of us.

NeNe Leakes

Minty mango-scented lotion: The Boondocks made young, black wanna-be actors everywhere hope to one day be offered a rubdown with this moisturizing goodness in hopes of snagging a Tyler Perry movie role.

R. Kelly: well, he’s back…but that doesn’t mean we wanted him to return.

Sade: after some 10 years off the grid, Sade returned with a new album, and soon, a tour.  She also proved black doesn’t crack.

NeNe’s nose: nostrils haven’t gotten this much attention since Michael Jackson’s.

Jimmy McMillan: The Rent Is Too Damn High guy complained his way to a possible 2012 presidential run.

Fantasia: so she spent half the year branded as “the mistress”… she also got her GED and managed to shake off those homewrecking accusations– thanks to a judge.

TSA employees: what other job PAYS you to feel-up people?

Swizz Beatz

Tea Party: largely responsible for that shellacking the Democrats took in November.

Swizz Beatz: he was a successful producer before he knocked up and married Alicia Keys, but you can’t help but notice all the shine, endorsements and buzz surrounding him since the nuptials. #nothating #justsayin

Kate Middleton
: the commoner turned soon-to-be princess. Queen one day? She got the balding brother though. *shrug*

Willow Smith
: whipped her hair to a record deal and international stardom but she’d better get crackin’ on her “maths.”

Lil Wayne: all the hoping in the world couldn’t keep this guy in prison.  Oh well, Drake kept his seat warm…

Isaiah Mustafa

Brandy: thanks to Dancing With The Stars, Americans have said the name “Brandy” like it’s 1996 and Moesha was the hotness.

The Old Spice Guy: Isaiah Mustafa is just fine and I want to see more of him. That is all.

Just Go Away…Already

Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson: the first couple of weeks, it was funny to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, but now, it’s just smarmy to keep making money off the attempted rape of your sister. Exit stage left, sir.

T-Pain: do I really need to explain why?

Sarah Palin: it was cute when you were just winking, droppin’ the “Gs” off your words and losing the election, now it’s just annoying and a bit scary that so many share your beliefs.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy

Kat Stacks: being a groupie for the sake of groupiedom is just sad. At least get a reality show and a shoe deal out of it.

Any “celeb” that makes you stop and wonder “what is their talent, again?” (this includes anyone with the last name Kardashian)

Skinny jeans: …and take the sagging jeans with you.

Anyone who ever lived on the Jersey Shore and made a TV show about it.

Soulja Boy: (see T-Pain)

Who’s On Your List?

Of course this list doesn’t include all the happenings from 2010.  So, what tops your list of big events for 2010? Who don’t you want to see in 2011? Leave your 2010 recap in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading all of our rants, news, Brewshyt and musings this year.  We hope you have a great new year and that you’ll stick with us in 2011…we’re going balls to the wall!

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Brew Wrap-Up: 2009 Year In Review


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in 2009, year in review | Posted on 28-12-2009

2009 was a year of firsts (first Black president and first Brew posthey, we’re shameless pluggers around these parts), a year of come-ups and falls from grace.  And, sadly, a year of untimely deaths.

As 2009 comes to a close, let’s take a look back…

Falls From Grace
· Chris Brown: beating up Rihanna then complaining on Twitter that no one wants to sell your new album qualifies you for King of the Cornball Corner.
· Tiger Woods: you could have cheated with the Queen of Zamunda.  Instead, you pick the bar maids.  WTF?
· Joe Wilson: who shouts at the President? But “You Lie!” does have a certain ring to it…especially when you’re in a work meeting.  #justsayin
· Plaxico Burress: serving jail time for shooting yourself? I think Plaxico translates to “what a dumass” in Swahili.
· Kanye West: he stole little Taylor’s moment then went AWOL.  But I think everything this man does is part of an elaborate plan so his “fall” really isn’t much of a fall at all.  Stay tuned…


· Michael Jackson
· Walter Cronkite
· Patrick Swayze
· Naomi Sims
· Farrah Fawcett
· Ed McMahon
· Percy Sutton
· Alaina Reed Hall Amini
· Sen. Ted Kennedy
· Steve McNair
· Mr. Magic
· Chris Henry
· Wayman Tisdale
· Natasha Richardson
· E. Lynn Harris
· Billy Mays

Come Ups
· Barack Obama: well duuuuh… he “came on up” all the way to the White House and the Nobel Peace Prize.
· Mo’Nique: okay, so she has a volume problem and doesn’t realize she shouldn’t yell when she’s wearing a microphone.  But, her performance in Precious was one of the best acting jobs of the year.  “Precious…take yo azz to da wellfayah!”  Classic.
· Taylor Swift: country music fans knew who she was… the rest of us probably didn’t, until Kanye West happened.
· Lil Mama: who knew (or cared) who the little man was before she jumped on stage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys at the VMAs?
· Kim Zolciak’s wig (it’s still a hair hat, but she’s trying.  I guess.)

Old                                       New

· Susan Boyle: 48 year old Scottish singer who’s “never been kissed” sticks it to these young non-pants wearing “singers” to the tune of 3 million units…and counting.
· Jump-offs (see Tiger Woods)
· Sonia Sotomayor: first Latina Supreme Court Justice makes more waves on the high court in four months than Clarence Thomas has done in 18 years.
· Twitter: a social watering hole that allows “celebs” to amass a following and think they’re more important than they are.  Sadly, more news seems to be broken via Twitter than the real “news” these days. (Oh, and follow us @lawitchesbrew if you aren’t already… another shameless plug)
· The Kardashians: we have a blog ban on these chicks.  But you can’t deny, these broads were everywhere in ’09.
· Glee: the FOX show made it hip to sing show tunes.
· Whitney Houston: the voice is still a wee bit shaky, but she’s back and at least she’s trying.  After all, she could look like this still…

Just Go Away…Already
· Stories about why smart, cute, 30-something Black women aren’t married.  Ok, we get it.  We live it.  Thanks.
· Octomom
· The Gosselins
· Frankie & Neffe (mainly Frankie)
· “Rappers” whose lyrics don’t add anything to the social discussion (looking at you Soulja Boy)
· Balloon boy and his ilk
· Sarah Palin

What tops your list of events for 2009?  Be they infamous, heart-warming or scandalous, leave your 2009 re-cap in the comments section!

Here’s to a more peaceful and prosperous 2010!