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Mathew Knowles: You Are The…


Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted in Child Support, Mathew Knowles, you are the father | Posted on 16-02-2010

…Child Support Payer!

Not so fast Matty boy… an LA court has ordered Beyonce’s daddy to pay $8,200 a month in child support and other medical costs even though it’s not yet known if he’s the father of 2-week old “Nixon.”

Knowles had an 18-month affair/relationship/whatever with Alexsandra Wright, the child’s mother.

Knowles has yet to take a DNA test (he’s due to get swabbed March 1st).  He hasn’t said much at all about the baby and whether he could be the father.  But he did give Wright $10,000 last month to cover her baby bills.


Image via TMZ


Another Steve McNair Controversy


Posted by admin | Posted in Steve McNair, you are the father | Posted on 19-10-2009

Another day, another controversy.

A Mississippi woman claims Steve McNair is her babydaddy and she wants a piece of his estate.  Clover Lee claimed in court documents filed Friday that McNair is the biological father of her 17 year old daughter, identified only as “J. N. L.”  Lee says the girl should be included as an heir to McNair’s estate.  You’ll recall McNair was gunned down in July and left no will.  His estate valued at $19.6 million.

Meantime, there’s news in the murder investigation.  CBS News reports there are doubts about the police department’s conclusion that McNair’s distraught girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, shot him then killed herself.  Those closest to Kazemi say they find that ruling impossible to believe.  Her family members don’t think Kazemi was capable of carrying out the act.  They claim she was too positive of a person to kill.  But police say she simply lost it due to the stress of the relationship with McNair.

CBS reports police made crucial mistakes in their timeline of when Kazemi allegeldy bought the gun used in their deaths.  Unreleased surveillance footage shows Kazemi in jail the night of her DUI arrest, and even in jail she appears happy…even fixing one woman’s hair!  Investigators also say she had enough money in her bank account to cover her bills, which counters the claim that Kazemi panicked because she couldn’t cover her rent and car notes.

The plot thickens…




John Edwards: You ARE The Father


Posted by admin | Posted in John Edwards, Maury, the maury files, you are the father, Your Cheatin' Heart | Posted on 16-08-2009

Somebody get Maury on the phone, stat! Disgraced former North Carolina Senator John Edwards is reportedly finna admit he is the father of Rielle Hunter’s daughter. Reports surfaced last week that a DNA test proved the former presidential candidate is indeed the daddy of 18 month old Frances Quinn Hunter. Edwards confessed last summer that Hunter was his lover, but said the kid is not his daughter (*shout out to the King of Pop*). Hunter was a filmmaker on Edwards’ 2008 campaign.

You may recall a long time aide to Edwards claimed he was the daddy, but then he vanished. That aide is reportedly penning a book now where he plans to snitch all Edwards’ business.

Making matters worse, a grand jury is now looking into whether Edwards’ campaign funds were used to pay Hunter to keep her hushed about the affair.

Tsk, tsk little Johnny.


Father of the Year Speaks


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Tribute, WTF? Files, you are the father | Posted on 28-06-2009

Joseph Jackson spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon on the red carpet of the BET Awards.

Talk about a class act… “We just lost the biggest star in the world” instead of “I just lost my son.”

Something tells me this guy is just waiting for the checks to clear. Did he really just plug his record company?

I guess, everybody handles death differently. (I’m trying to be nice)


Father Of The Year?


Posted by Elphaba Of The Brew | Posted in Duh, WTF? Files, you are the father | Posted on 26-05-2009

Meet Desmond Hatchett. This poor lost soul is 29 years old with 21 (yes, count them) 21 CHILDREN by at least 11 women. And you guessed it, he can’t support them all on his minimum wage salary.

In typical “what had happened was” fashion, the Tennessee man says he never meant to father all these babies. He says “it just happened.” Uh, yeah, and it just happens that I like cake but I know when to push away from the table. Anywho, Hatchett claims all of the baby-mamas knew about his, well, situation. Take a look…

The kids range in age from newborn to 11. Legally, only 50% of his income may be used for child support. Now, I’m no math wiz, but that means by the time all his pesos are split among 21 children, some of these kids will only get about 2 bucks a month. I feel for you taxpayers in the Volunteer state (note to self: cancel that move to Memphis).

Does this dude have the Magic Stick? What is he telling these women? And shouldn’t his crotch be on fire by now?

I quit life. I have officially seen it all. Bury me face down with my iPod on so I don’t have to see or hear any more nonsense like this in the afterlife.