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CBS Pissed Off The Bajan Princess

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Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted on 09-16-2014

2014 Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game

Rihanna is finally speaking out about CBS’ decision to yank “Run This Town” from last week’s Thursday Night Football broadcast in the wake of the Ray Rice debacle. The song included a Don Cheadle voiceover and was to open the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. CBS, presumably in cahoots with the NFL, opted to take a more serious tone and pulled the song and other parts of the pre-show. Rihanna, herself a victim of DV, was basically victimized again by having her project pulled from the show amid whispers of the obvious…linking her abuse to the current issues in the league. CBS decided to bring the song back, causing Rihanna to unleash on the twitters.

Now, CBS has again flip-flopped, deciding to scrap the song altogether (but will keep Cheadle’s part).

Do you think NFL fans are smart enough not to link Rihanna to the current domestic violence issues in the league? Will she forever be a “face” of DV? Or, do you think CBS/NFL pulled it simply to go with a more serious tone for the game? What’s your call?

Image via Michael Stewart/WireImage
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Brewchies at the Movies: No Good Deed

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Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted on 09-15-2014

Three of your Witches joined all the restless aunties in America this weekend at the theater to see Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson in “No Good Deed“.

Ya’ll know the premise by now; convict, doorbell ringing, bad judgment calls and a twist.

So let’s stir this cauldron a bit.


Fleur:  Hmmm, Taraji is my DC boo but she basically plays the same chick in every movie. Looks like she borrowed Bey’s frizzy wig from “Obsessed” and gave it trim and a dark rinse.  I kept expecting her to call Idris, “Jody”. She still gets props though.  Idris was good but too restrained. Let your inner psycho go!

Hazel: Taraji joined Gabrielle Union at the school of “How to Portray Yourself in All Movies.” I love her. But, come on, be honest. She is the same person, every time. And, what was up with Idris’ accent? Was he Southern… generic “middle American?” Some words had a drawl, some didn’t. That bugged me a little but his shirtless scenes made up for it.

Piper:  So, Taraji will always be that around the way chick that you root for, but um er rah, I always go to her movies not expecting to see anyone other than Taraji, I don’t wanna knock her talent because well, there’s always her Oscar nominated performance in “Benjamin Button” right? but well, I felt like I was watching her play herself in an ‘Investigation Discovery ’ channel reenactment. So well, take that for what it’s worth. Also of note, and probably only bugged me cause y’all know a witch loves her hair hats, I kept wanting to heat up my curling wand and blend the front of her natural hair through the screen with the curly ‘fro they graced her with, but again, probably just my thing (the two textures really got outta sync the more terrified she became).


Fleur:  The plot was ok. I needed more flashbacks to when Idris was a bad, bad boy for context. I also wanted it to be grimier, darker. You gonna be bad, then be bad! Like when he killed his boo, he should have bathed her, post-mortem, dressed her back up and propped her ass on the bed next to the Annabelle doll, you know, some sadistic shinnnaaaaiiiiiieeeeee.  Or he needed to at least get some cutty before he killed her. I mean wasn’t he in prison for five damn years?

Hazel: Is it Oscar-worthy? Not a chance. It was a step away from a Lifetime movie. There were some definite holes (um, police manhunt or nah?), but, I did enjoy seeing black people in regular movie roles. No slavery, Jim Crow period pieces. Just black people… being black and married, wearing pseudo-naturally curly wigs that shrink and grow with your emotions, being insane and of questionable judgment… you know, ALL the emotions. ALL the feels.

Piper:  Well as plots go, it was typical deranged fine dude who loves to get his kill on. It woulda been nice to see flashbacks of his childhood that show his mama beating him and maybe following it up with a bat in his anus or something, something that would explain his NEED to off the ladies. But we never got that, we only got fine deranged dude with awesome abs. I’m certainly not complaining, in the theatre I saw it in, I forgot I was at the movies because in one scene where he’s taking off his shirt, women were screaming “take it off baybay”! (or maybe that was me, which I’m sure my man did not find the least bit amusing)….. Anyway, the plot twist is actually the reason to see this, otherwise, it’s a typical “RUUUUNNNNNNN GIRL, HE FINNA KILL YOU!!!” type of flick.


Fleur: I give it 6 out of 10.

Hazel: I give it a 7. I did not see that plot twist coming. And, my O.G. NYPD Blue boo Henry Simmons was a niiiiiice added bonus. (He, too, went to the same acting school as Taraji and Gab U. But, he fine tho!)

Piper: I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10

The Witches have spoken. What’s your take?


Movie trailer:


Brew Quotes: Martha Stewart on Gwyneth Paltrow & OITNB

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Posted by Witch Hazel | Posted on 09-13-2014


Martha Stewart wants goopy Gwyneth Paltrow put a sock in it… a fancy, cashmere one. Stewart tells Net-a-Porter’s Porter magazine that the actress/lifestyle/food/health “expert” should shut up and not quit her day job.

“She just needs to be quiet. She’s a movie star. If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn’t be trying to be Martha Stewart.”

The former inmate also took a minute to critique the hit series Orange Is the New Black, saying:

“They could have done that so much better. That girl [Taylor Schilling] is not good enough, the lead actress. I met the real Piper [Kerman]. She was in prison either the same time or after me, and I talked to her about it.”

I can’t wait to be 73 with no filter.
Read more of Martha’s library session
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NFL to Ray Rice: Kick Rocks!

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Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted on 09-08-2014


“Of course sometimes shit go down when there’s a billion  dollars on an elevator …” – Bey

Opps, wrong elevator! Only, chump change on this lift.

Raymell Mourice Rice (ugh, that gov’t name sucks) ain’t got no job, no mo! T-illumant-Z got their hands on video from inside the Revel Casino elevator in Atlantic City showing Ray Rice knocking his now wife Janay Palmer the fock out in February! I mean wasn’t the video before of him dragging her off the elevator whilst little birdies circled her head enough??? The NFL initially suspended Rice for three games. THREE GAMES, SON?!?  This is a save face totally! Stank you very much!

Inside elevator:


Domestic violence is no joke. I hope Janay gets far away from this stinky lip looking bamma.


@Debrantney for President!

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Posted by Fleur Delacour | Posted on 09-02-2014

mgid-uma-video-vh1 <— the “how you say some silly shyt like that” look

White Jesus only knows why Deb Antney from No Love & No Hip Hop Atlanta is my spirit animal! I guess ratchet television makes for some strange bedfellows. I think she reminds me of the candy lady in the ‘jects who wheels and deals all damn day with an unlit Newport hanging out of her mouth. You already know Wacka Flocka’s mama is everyone’s first pick in spades because won’t NO RENEGING be taking place, SON!  YOU RENEGE? YOU DIE! Deb is like the wise, raspy-voiced hood mom who schooled you on everything from relationships to why TOPS will always be better than Backwoods. All this advice while you sat on her plastic kitchen chair drinking her good juice from a Dollar Store pitcher. She looks like the auntie who don’t never bring shyt to the cookout but she’s leaving with a bag filled with plates for her boo who couldn’t make it and you betta not say anything!  Deb looks like she sleeps with her eyes open in her big chair, near the window and when someone tries to whisper in the back room, she yells, “I heard that bamma!”  Pair all that together and she could run for President. I would vote for her. You know the budget will be balanced like a mug, cuz Deb ain’t taking no shorts on the 1st! #mahboo

She talks about some of her experiences growing up in Queens!

Was I lying?