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Brew Interview: CNN Camerawoman Speaks Out!

CNN Studio Technician Patricia Carroll was attacked and disrespected at the RNC Convention. Most of the major media outlets did not pick up the story, but we reported it on the Brew’s facebook page! Now she’s sharing her side with Witches’ Brew! Trish described the incident during a telephone conversation from Tampa. She said she was on the convention floor Tuesday around 3pm when she felt something pelt her on her head. She said she couldn’t believe it when she looked up and saw two men throwing peanuts at her. And then Trish said it got worse when they yelled, “this is what we feed the animals!” Trish and her co-workers were stunned. She notified security who promptly removed the men from the building. Trish hails from Alabama – the DEEP south – so she’s seen a lot and has also traveled extensively around the world. She said she was not shocked this happened but doesn’t want to make it about one political party adding, “it’s not exclusive to Republicans, it could have happened anywhere, in Washington, D.C. or even at the Democratic National Convention.”

Trish said everyone including the RNC has been very supportive, but regretfully added, “we live in a world where bigotry and racism exits. Bottom line: it’s not exclusive to the RNC. It’s a world issue.” She then went on to say that living in D.C. sometimes can mimic a bubble because African-Americans are doing so well but when you head other places people are not use to seeing progression so they react, “it’s just what’s happening in the world and I’m a part of it.” Trish recalled numerous incidents in her hometown as well as during her travels to Argentina and Brazil and said it comes down to understanding, “people need to think and be more open-minded.” Trish reminded me that having more black leaders won’t change things, “We haven’t come that far. Black people have been in bondage longer then they have been free. Stuff like this will continue to be a part of the black experience.” This incident didn’t stop her stride though, she continues to work the convention and looks forward to putting this incident behind her. We wish Trish the best of luck and appreciate her showing us love. Remember, you read it here first!

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on the incident:

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