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Cornball Corner: Morning Joe

Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and his frigid Stepford Sister Wife Mika Brzezinski recently blamed rap music for the racists actions of some goofy frat boys at the University of Oklahoma. Members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were caught on camera chanting the “n” word… and talking about hangings – you know, white privilege hood rat stuff. So the most uncool mom and dad in your suburban neighborhood mall’s Apple store decided to chime on controversy blaming rap lyrics for Biff and Billy’s mistake on tape! I used to watch Morning Joe. Used to. I could overlook Joe’s smug, punchable face and the million times he reminded us that he served in Congress. I even ignored his goofy middle-age crisis sweater/shirt combos. Bootleg Clair Underwood was tolerable for a time until her no accessories wearing, holier-than-thou attitude on basically everything that doesn’t have to do with her daddy, got to me. But I was always here for mah boo Willie Geist, who has a genuine presence and enough sense to know when to chime on and when to keep quiet. Well, Dumb and Dumber triggered the hashtag “#RapAlbumsThatCausedSlavery”… and boy it was a doozy!




*bows down* to Black Twitter!

Here’s the segment which caused the blacklash!

I do agree; a larger conversation needs to be had about this, just not by them. What say you, Brewchies?

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