4 Witches who stir up a pinch of celebrity, pop culture and old fashioned common sense
(which seems uncommon).

Meet The Witches


A She Hulk of a Witch, Elphie (if you’re nasty) has had a long tenure as an Advocate In the Fight Against Ignorance. After serving as a wet nurse to Weezy’s babies, she became Chair of the Board for the “Moisturize Your Situation Initiative”; A Not For Profit Foundation (unless you’re willing to pay) that advocates for celebrities and the general public, to stop walking around with ashy hair. In 2013 she will self publish a book of recipes using Rick Ross’ titty milk.

Contact: sexygreenthang69 @gmail. com

Fleur Delacour

Between writing for The Brew and running races like a white girl in a horror flick, Fleur’s hobbies include: helping to recruit for the race draft, watching all day marathons of “Snapped” and perfecting her Shmoney dance without compromising her bourgeoisie tendencies!

Contact: [email protected]


Piper is that witch that is just too cool for school. She’s fun, cooky, nutty and in some circles may even be considered insane. In short, The Piper is the joint! (this 3rd person isht rocks!) Piper’s got the skinny on it all too, porn, weave, tight jeans, penis texases, how to get a different boy to buy you a steak each night of the week and much much more. Piper is not for the faint of heart, she’s more of an acquired taste but be forewarned you will want more and more…

Get at me: [email protected]

Witch Hazel

AKA “Tech Witch.” AKA “Research Witch.” AKA “Shameless Plug Witch.” Witch Hazel enjoys fashion, tech, gadgets, film, a good Tami Roman smackdown, managing Blue Ivy’s playdate schedule, sending North West motivational messages, polishing 2 Chainzeseses chains and reading Tyrese’s tweets.

Contact: [email protected]