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Social Media Followers:
Facebook: 24,136
Blog posts are also cross-posted to the Witches’ personal Facebook accounts
Twitter: 1,320
Google+: 205 (33K views)
Pinterest: 221
Instagram: 856
YouTube: 39 (8K channel views)
Klout Score: 51

Social Media Promotion:
Advertisers also receive social media plugs from our accounts. We will direct our readers to your website or content. Frequency of promotion is determined by the ad space you purchase.

Product Reveiws:
We are always open to doing honest product reviews of your merchandise. Our preference is to also host a giveaway of the products to at least one lucky reader. Beauty and hair reviews are also cross-posted and promoted on our monthly beauty feature on Beautiful Brown Girls. See Media Kit slideshow (below) for additional terms of product review posts.

Ad Options:
Leaderboard Ad 728 x 90 – inquire
A leaderboard ad will be placed at the top of each page on the site for a pre-determined period. This ad has the highest visibility on the page. Longer ad buys will receive discounted rates. Please inquire with us to negotiate your ad price.

In-Post Ad 500 x 100 – $50
A single ad will be displayed in all posts written during a negotiated time, usually, one week.

Sidebar Ad 200 x 200 – $25 and up
Feature your product or company in our sidebar, above the “fold” for one month or more. Discounts available for extended ad buys.

Sponsored Posts – $100 and up
Pricing for original content written by Witches’ Brew about your product, event, company, etc. that will be posted on begins at $100. That content will also be promoted on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. By law, sponsored material will be noted in the blog post.

Sponsored Social Media (no ads) – $20
Your content will be promoted on the social media channels of your choice (our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts). All content will be marked as sponsored (#sp or #sponsored). This content will not appear on We reserve the right to modify sponsored text to best fit our audience.

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