[brew-shit]-shit·ting, interjection
Slang: Vulgar.
1. nonsense, lies, act of extreme randomness or an unbelievable sight
–verb (used with object)
2. to lie or commit act of extreme randomness
Used in a sentence:
Brandy’s lacefront wig is some Brewshyt.

Other Brew Terms You Should Learn

  • #BAM: A term used to reflect the hotness of a dress, abs, hair or anything worthy of approval; anything less is a #FAIL
  • Daniel: A mythical creature who will most certainly “check” you if your grammar and spelling aren’t on point. See here.
  • Disport: Is an actual word. Yet for some reason if you are on, you use it in a completely unintelligible and confused way that has a well learned woman wondering if it is a real word at all! So feel free to use it in any way you want. Much like the word “smurf”.
  • Double Hatting: Wearing an actual hat on top of a hair hat.
  • FAH: “Fat Ass Hater.” A term used sarcastically by the Witches’ and our ilk; doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a fat ass or that you hate fat asses, but you are hating in a majorly big way. You also need to read the Witches’ rules about “hating” and upgrade your sorry vocabulary
  • Frozed and hard in my place: Sexually aroused (another gem)
  • Girl, Bye!: An abrupt dismissal, when it is not even worth the effort to form the words to get rid of someone.
  • Hair Hat: Wig, weave or any other hairpiece that is perched upon a head.
  • Joyous: The feeling a suitor would like to fill you with, after you arouse him and “spill” on his parts.
  • LaTasha: The three-legged whore whose mere presence signals the end of your relationship (and basically means there’s been some cheatin’ going on)
  • Lions: Your lusty loins. We just spelled it wrong once and it stuck!
  • Louie Bullock’s Mean Mugging Academy: Louis Bardo Bullock RULES, he also does not have time for your ish. He’s busy teaching other celeb babies how to mean mug the paparazzi.
  • Mottel™ (R Kelly): A model.
  • Smokin’ Salma: Salma Hayek is hot…plus she smokes. And we like to point that out. A lot.


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